Saturday, November 28, 2015
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Latin America / The Caribbean
Labor market affected by economic downturn
Unfavorable prospects for growth in the region will be reflected in rising unemployment.
Andean Countries
Figures on coca crops are not convincing
Governments of Bolivia, Colombia and Peru released their reports on coca cultivation and production.
Latin America / The Caribbean
Remittances reach a record high
Remittances from migrants to their home countries recovered their level of growth.
Latin America / The Caribbean
Far from reaching Millenium Goals in maternal and child mortality rates
Maternal mortality rates have been reduced 40 percent in the region since 1990 and child mortality rates have dropped 67 percent.
Latin America
Decline in poverty rates has stalled
Poverty stalled statistically but the number of people in poverty and indigence increased.
Latin America / The Caribbean
Vulnerability of migrants continues
Economic opportunity stimulates migration but recipient countries create obstacles for foreigners to stay.
Latin America / The Caribbean
Progress in the fight against hunger
Region reaches goal of reducing undernourishment to less than a half.
Latin America / The Caribbean
Between vulnerability and resilience
Economic growth in the region does not guarantee decrease in inequality.
Latin America / The Caribbean
Remittance levels stagnate
Flow of money from immigrants to their native countries showed no change in 2013.
Majority of maternal deaths are avoidable
Three women die every day from complications in pregnancy, delivery and post-partum.
Latin America / The Caribbean
For a quality education
20 percent of female and male adolescents in the region do not receive secondary education.
Latin America / The Caribbean
Youth struggle between unemployment and informal jobs
Economic growth has not improved labor prospects for youth in the region.
Latin America / The Caribbean
Employment quality does not improve
Urban unemployment levels reach historic lows, but most jobs are informal and lack benefits.
Latin America / The Caribbean
Poverty reduction stops
New ECLAC report points out that 164 million people in the region live in poverty.
Latin America / The Caribbean
Gender gap is closing
Region reports progress concerning economical opportunities and political participation of women
Latin America / The Caribbean
Modern slavery prevails
More than a million people in the region live in slave-like conditions.
Dominican Republic
Support of small-scale farming is lagging behind
Government promotes agricultural export industry in the detriment of food production for local use.
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