5 Letter Words Starting with S and Ending in T List – Wordle Clues

We have put together a compilation of 5 letter words starting with S and ending in T that could help you in guessing today’s Wordle puzzle and many other puzzles in the future. The below given compilation of words can be useful in almost any word game you can think of.

It’s so fun to lose yourself in a world of puzzle games. Trying to guess and solve puzzles for hours without getting a breakthrough can exhaust our brains. However, if a problem remains unresolved, it is very frustrating and infuriating.

It will soon become apparent as you solve the puzzle that there are multiple English words that could fit into the blank spaces. The limit of six attempts to guess a five-letter word in this game makes it very difficult to solve a problem.

What are 5 Letter Words Starting with S and Ending in T

In this article, we will present all the 5 letter words containing S at the start and T at the end. Whatever the reason you are looking for such words we ensure we will mention every word that exists in the English language and every five-letter phrase that can be the solution to Wordle.

A developer named Josh Wardle developed Wordle, which is currently owned by the New York Times. In addition to being available on the NYT website, this web-based game can also be found in the newspaper’s games section. For playing the game, you can download the application for Android and iOS devices.

In the grid, you will see six rows containing five boxes. Colored tiles indicate that the letter entered into the grid matches or occupies the correct position based on your guess. Below are the actions associated with each color.

Tile colors will change to reflect how close you were to the correct answer. When the tile is green, you have correctly guessed and placed the alphabet. The yellow color indicates that the alphabet is part of the answer, but not at the correct location. Gray indicates that the alphabet is not part of the answer.

Screenshot of 5 Letter Words Starting with S and Ending in T

List of 5 Letter Words Starting with S and Ending in T

The following list has all the 5 letter words starts with S and end with T.

  • sabot
  • saint
  • saist
  • salat
  • salet
  • salut
  • sault
  • saunt
  • sayst
  • scant
  • scart
  • scatt
  • sceat
  • scent
  • scoot
  • scout
  • scrat
  • scuft
  • shaft
  • shakt
  • shalt
  • shart
  • sheet
  • shent
  • shift
  • shirt
  • shist
  • shoat
  • shoot
  • short
  • shott
  • shout
  • shunt
  • sicht
  • sient
  • sight
  • skart
  • skatt
  • skeet
  • skint
  • skirt
  • skort
  • slant
  • slart
  • sleet
  • slept
  • slipt
  • sloot
  • sluit
  • smalt
  • smart
  • smelt
  • smolt
  • smoot
  • smout
  • smowt
  • snift
  • snirt
  • snoot
  • snort
  • snout
  • souct
  • spait
  • spalt
  • spart
  • speat
  • spect
  • spelt
  • spent
  • spilt
  • spirt
  • splat
  • split
  • spoot
  • sport
  • spout
  • sprat
  • sprit
  • spurt
  • squat
  • squit
  • start
  • stent
  • stept
  • stilt
  • stint
  • stoat
  • stoit
  • stopt
  • stott
  • stout
  • strut
  • stunt
  • sturt
  • suent
  • suint
  • surat
  • swapt
  • swart
  • sweat
  • sweet
  • swelt
  • swept
  • swift
  • swopt

Hopefully, you can use this list to find today’s Wordle answer as well as solving puzzles in other games. You can keep visiting our website and bookmarking it to get more clues and solutions to Wordle challenges from time to time.

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To help Wordle fans and other word game players, we have compiled a list of 5 Letter Words Starting with S and Ending in T. Now that you have this list, it is time to complete the challenges related to it offered by these games. We would be glad to hear from you if you have any other questions in the comments.

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