Addison Rae Leaked Video Fake or Real

With some alleged compromising Addison Rae leaked videos people are frantically searching for the complete video links. But let us break the news to you that the videos have been declared fake by the experts.

The deep fake technology is getting more and more sophisticated over time. People with sinister aims are getting more and more adept at using the power of this technology to malign and defame the people with influence and power.

The recent target of such vile acts is none other than the charming and famous personality of Addison Rae. If you are asking who she is and what is all this fuss about the fake video leak, you will get all the details in this post.

Addison Rae Leaked Video

Image of Addison Rae Leaked

It was October 2020, when a video of Addison Rae, allegedly showing her making out was uploaded on Twitter from an account that is known to share such clips quite often. The clip was fake but it was so near to real as it was using high-quality editing software that is named deep fake.

The same account later released further similar videos where the image of Addison was superimposed on an already acting woman. The trick about such footage is that they only focus on the face, which is replaced by the target face on an already existing sample face.

The fans immediately pointed out it as fake and started reporting the uploaded material. Now in the latest news, the photos of Ms. Rae have surfaced with her boyfriend Omer Fedi. She had been rumored to be dating him and the rumors appeared convincing when Omer uploaded a promotion for her film, “He is All That” confirming the connection between the two.

Fake Video of Addison Rae Leaked -The Reality

The rumors of the two people dating were already in the air from the summer times when Addison announced the split with her ex-Bryce Hall. Later, Omer verified the dating rumors in the September of the last year with an Instagram post.

It was the time when Omer’s single with Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber was the number one on the charts and Rae had just made her debut with He’s All That. At the time when she is the talk of the town, she becomes an easy target for the people with malicious intent.

This gives them an easy access to the wide crowd of people who are getting to know or following these new super-stars in making. The same happened with the fake video of Addison Rae leaked online. The Twitter account that posted the video has done the same in past.

Coming with a considerable following this account has done the same with many other celebrities and since Twitter allows the proliferation of such content, it is an easy to use platform for such people who want more and more people to follow them with such fetishes.

Image of Fake Video of Addison Rae Leaked

Who is Addison Rae

Addison Rae Easterling born on 6th October 2000 is a famous social media personality who forayed into acting dancing and singing realms over time. In the August of 2020, her name was listed as the highest-earning TikTok personality by Forbes. Later the same magazine listed her name in the 30 under 30 list of social media influencers.

She has over 90 million followers on TikTok and they are only increasing and of course, she has an Instagram account with a considerable following. Apart from social media, she is also famous on the big screen with her stints in Television, film, and music industries.

She has been so far nominated for various awards in various categories including People’s Choice Awards, Kid’s Choice Awards, MTV Movie, and TV Awards, and Streamy Awards for more than once except for the MTV Movie and TV Awards. So far she has won the 2021 Streamy Awards nomination in the lifestyle category.

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Addison Rae Leaked video is a hot topic online after a deep fake clip of her face was superimposed on to another person by an unknown Twitter user and posted it on the platform. We have come to know from reliable sources that this video is fake and not a real one.

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