Beast Boy 4 Meme History, Origin & The Best Memes

2022 is into its sixth month and we have seen dozens of memes getting viral on social media. Beast Boy 4 Meme is another one of those memes that have taken over the internet and produced all kinds of reactions from the public.

You may have already seen this meme many times on social media, especially on Twitter and TikTok. This is popular with the names beast boy and green guy as it is based on a guy showing four fingers with his face and image looking all green.

It has been the hottest meme in May and continues to do well in June as well as more and more people joining the fun on several social networking platforms. It has been the year of memes from Will Smith’s Chris Rock slap to Morbius all went viral.

What is Beast Boy 4 Meme

The Beast Boy 4 is a meme that refers to a photoshopped picture in which a black teenage boy is showing 4 fingers. He looks like the Teen Titans character beast boy. It is unknown who posted the image at first but it has become a trend.

Screenshot of Beast Boy 4 Meme

Teen Titans is a popular American animated superhero TV show in which beast boy was a well-known character. It aired from 2003 to 2006 on Cartoon Network. Suddenly due to the spread of the meme people have re-watched the clips from the show.

Every superhero in this show has unique abilities as they have to save the earth from the villain. Therefore, this meme becomes a sensation as the image shows a completely opposite character making it a joke.

TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit all have one meme topic to discuss these days and it is the beast boy 4 or the green boy. Twitter is flooded is full of tweets under multiple hashtags related to this viral meme.

History of Beast Boy 4 Meme

Here we will present the information regarding its Origin and spread. The photo is old and it was first published a year ago. The identity of the person who created the picture is unknown but an Instagram user with the username @cdk_tezz posted that picture along with the caption “me after I’m asked what 2+2 is.”

History of Beast Boy 4 Meme

After that several other Instagram users posted that picture and discussions over it. A Reddit user uploaded the picture on his account that got more than 100 upvotes. Slowly it begins to take pace on various platforms and a good number of content creators used the picture.

Recently on 8th March 2022, a Twitter user @suuunx5 tweeted an edited version of the picture that was retweeted 800 times and accumulated 5,600 likes in just one month. Then it became so popular that people started using it to present various contexts.

After staying in the trends for a while, some people started getting bored of it and started complaining about the jokes, memes, and other stuff related to it. Still, it is one of the most talked-about topics on social media.

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Final Verdict

The beast boy 4 memes have gained millions of views across social platforms and is one of the hottest memes of recent times. Some of the jokes and edits related to it are hilarious so, enjoy them as much as you can. That the end of the article, for now we say goodbye.

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