What is Belle Delphine Light Bulb Meme: All Details

Some people have a knack for doing controversial things to stay in the trend. The Belle Delphine Light Bulb Meme is just another one from this online celebrity to get people’s attention while putting her own life in danger.

Getting viral is one of the best ways to get know to the millions of internet users in this era. But if you are already famous, then maintaining this fame and following is a task at whole another level. This is why the famous celebrities of the online world are always up to something to be part of the news on a given day.

The light bulb challenge posted by some users and being accepted and executed by a few is not a healthy trend at all. Since it is not possible to get out of the challenge unscathed in the end. When Belle Delphine tried this, she gave the followers and trolls another reason to make memes.

What is Belle Delphine Light Bulb Meme

Image of Belle Delphine Light Bulb Meme

Born on 23rd October 1999, this girl in her early 20s has created a niche to make a living from online activities. You might know her as the cosplay celebrity, the ‘Gamer Girl Bath Water’ seller. She is a South-African-born British cosplay model.

From the very start, she has been involved in various scandals, her way of doing the weird things and making headlines to stay in the hot topics of online gossip. Obviously, she got her accounts banned on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube for violating policy guidelines by posting explicit content.

This time again she took to Twitter and posted some pictures that tell us that she is not afraid of stirring the calm waters. What has happened this time is that she accepted a challenge from an online user named redacted_edge who posted, “A light bulb can fit in your mouth but cannot be taken out,”

History of the Meme

Under this challenge, the controversy queen posted, “Hey this is a pretty good idea,” If we just read her comment to the post, it appears just an expression of her thoughts. But the story is unsettling and bloody to tell you in plain words.

Soon she posted her bloody mouth face and a broken iridescent bulb with sharp shards with a grey towel in the background. Actually, what turned out is that she accepted the challenge and acted on it.

In one of the pictures posted on her Twitter posts, it could be seen that she has taken the bulb fully in her mouth. But the very next image is showing us the consequences of the thoughtless action. Her mouth is bloody and seems badly wounded from the sharp edges of broken bulb glass.

Commending her action she has the following tweet in the comments of the post, “I can’t believe I literally one girl, one lightbulb’d myself,” We would have agreed with her, but under the comments section the people have posted other women attempting the same challenge.

With this post, Belle Delphine Light Bulb Meme has come into being and people are sharing it frantically. Some are praising her for her quirky action while others are bashing her for being careless and putting herself in danger for the sake of content.

Origin and Spread of the Meme

Image of What is Belle Delphine Light Bulb Meme

The Belle Delphine Light Bulb Meme soon became a trend when people started using Belle’s images from her bulb challenge post to express human stupidity. Since then, there have widespread shares and comments using the meme.

She shared her post on her Twitter profile @bunnydelphine on 23 April 2022. It has got over 52.2 thousand likes so far and many people have retweeted and commented in thousands.

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This is all about the Belle Delphine Light Bulb Meme this is making rounds on the internet. Delphine’s controversial posts are not a piece of news anymore, as people always expect something crazy from her. This time again, she has not disappointed her fans and followers on the internet.

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