Camavinga Meme Origin, Insights & Background

If you are a football fan who follows it regularly then you will understand the context faster and may have come across the Camavinga Meme. This meme is getting a lot of attention along with likes on various social networking platforms, especially on Twitter.

Eduardo Camavinga is a Real Madrid player who should have been sent off after committing a rash challenge on Sevilla’s Anthony Martial who was taken off due to injury. The opposition fans were not pleased with the decision at all as he was on one yellow.

It was a big game in the context of winning the league for Madrid as they are now closer to clinching the La Liga title sitting 15 points clear at the top. It was again the Karim Benzema show who scored the winning goal for Real in the last few minutes of the match.

Camavinga Meme

We have seen throughout the season people calling referees of the league Real biased as they have made decisions in favor of Madrid in crucial times that could have changed the complexion of the league. Therefore, social media is flooded with Camavinga memes and Vardrid calls.

The match between Sevilla and Real Madrid was another game where we have seen an epic comeback from Real Madrid. They were 2-0 down and managed to come back with the brilliance of Benzema and Vinicius Junior but the decision of the referees left a bad taste.

All the fans of the clubs other than Madrid combined to troll the referees and video assistant referee (VAR) officials as a pro-Madrid calling the league rigged. Most of the memes showed the president of Real Florentino Perez as the controller of the VAR officials.

What is Camavinga Meme

The incident happened on match day 32 when two of the biggest teams in the league went head to head and it was a game of high stakes as Real needed a win to secure the League title and increase the gap to 15 points.

At the halftime, Real were 2 goals as Sevilla scored through Ivan Rakitic and Eric Lamela. Sevilla dominated the first half and real looked disorganized. The midfielder Camavinga received a yellow card committing a foul on a Sevillian player.

The second half begins with a Real goal scored by the Brazilian Rodrygo followed by two more goals one in the 82nd minute from Nacho and 3rd from the classy Benzema in the 90th minute. In the meantime, Camavinga avoided a second yellow and potential red card that could have changed the game in favor of Sevilla.

Screenshot of Camavinga Meme

The referees decided not to give him a yellow or red and VAR didn’t intervene either after visuals showed it a clear foul on Anthony Martial who was running with the ball in a counterattack. The foul stopped the counterattack and injured Anthony who was then replaced by Rafa Mir.

History of Camavinga Meme

The origin of the meme was a Twitter user who first posted a clip of the foul with the caption “Vardrid at its best. Saved from getting down from 12 to 11 Men”. The 12 to 11 statement is sarcastically blaming the referees to be the 12th player in every game.

Then a massive number of tweets followed with unique edits and parodies. Another Twitter user posted a photo of Madrid’s president, Perez, in the VAR room captioning it “Vardrid renewed their subscription again”.

Vardrid Meme

The memes circulated around on numerous social media platforms for multiple days and people jumped on throw their comments to make them more popular. Football is the most-watched sport in the world and every club has its fanbase that is ready to pounce on any situation like this if it hurts their teams.

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Camavinga Meme is one of the latest soccer memes that has caught the eye of millions all around the world. We have presented all the details, insights, and background of this particular meme. That’s all hope you enjoy the read for now we sign off.  

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