Cassidy FNAF: The Full Story

We have all heard about the stories of Friday Nights at Freddy’s animatronics and its in-game characters that are the main stars of this gaming franchise. Today we are here with an important role-playing character Cassidy FNAF.

Basically, the animatronics are the main villains of the adventure. These are machines that power the Mascots at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. The FNAF stories are based on robots and humans and the encounters among them.

The animatronics are power robots that must be allowed to walk around at night and don’t miss to open the torch at night because they may mistake the human for an endoskeleton and attack the human. They will try to stuff the body into a suit.

Cassidy FNAF

In this article, you will learn who is Cassidy FNAF and what is the role of this particular character in this intense adventure. This fascinating gaming adventure has numerous anime characters that have a background story and play a definitive role.

Many people who know about this experience always ask who is Cassidy and what is relation the relation between this character and Golden Freddy. To know the answers to these queries and remove the confusion from your read the below section carefully.

Who is Cassidy in FNAF?  

So, she is a little girl with unique characteristics in this gaming adventure. She has long black hair and she acquires a Bonnie. In this game, she is a little boy with black blonde hair and she has an animatronic attached to her soul. she possesses a girlish voice that confuses many.

This animatronic is possessed by a female spirit known as Cassidy and it is also a Fredbear, a male animatronic. So, it is a little bit confusing but to enhance your understanding it is acquired by two characters, one by another the crying child and Cassidy.

In the Survival logbook FNAF, there is much evidence that Golden Freddy’s actual name is Cassidy. It also hints that there are other spirits and makes us believe that another child may also possess the Golden Freddy.

Who is Possessing Golden Freddy?

As we already mentioned that there are enough pieces of evidence of another child possessing Golden Freddy in the Survival Logbook. We have also told you that she actually possesses one and, in this version, it seems that Cassidy is the presumed name of Golden Freddy.

In FNAF, it is a hallucination or spirit that is the major antagonist in this intriguing adventure. The missing children who were kidnapped from Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza were dead but their souls are attached to animatronic antagonists.

The missing children included Cassidy, Susie, Fritz, an unknown boy, Ron, Alanna, Jacob, and Lisa. All the missing children were dead and the animatronic crew Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy, Chica, and Golden Freddy were attached to them.

Every dead child possessed a soul of an animatronic After being murdered by William Afton. They also possessed an amalgamation of the five animatronics. This is where the story begins and intensifies as the missing and murdered children are back with a soul.

Is Cassidy Golden Freddy?

Is Cassidy Golden Freddy

If there are five animatronics and five children who died then there is every chance of the kids possessing animatronics and the Golden Freddy is there in one of the kids’ souls. Many pieces of evidence hint that this particular animatronic is attached to her.

The spirit is also called vengeful Spirt and the Golden Freddy has two souls contained by two different kids. All the information and evidence suggest that both arguments are correct and this particular animatronic is acquired by two kids.

How did Cassidy Die?

As he was amongst the kids who were kidnapped and murdered by William Afton. So, he died in this incident, and as a result, her soul was attached to an animatronic. she was killed at Freddy’s therefore the suit he stuffed in was Freddy’s version of Fredbear.

This version of FNAF is all about revenge and vengeance. This is one of the finest gaming adventures with to play with all these dramatic gameplays and storylines.

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Final Words

Well, if you are wondering about Cassidy FNAF then read this post to clear all the confusion and concerns you have in mind.

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