What is Cat Video TikTok? Why Its Trending?

TikTok trends always are unique and sometimes very bizarre. Cat Video TikTok is another one of those trends which has been trending for a while now. The original video is of the Ankha cat dancing to very catchy music.

The internet is full of clips related to this particular trend not just on TikTok but on several social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and it is under discussion on Reddit as well. It has acquired more than 2 million views on social media.

Once a concept or move catches the eye of personnel on social networking platforms then you will witness content related to it all over the internet. Same goes for this one as it has been viral on the web with all kinds of edits, memes, and clips.

About Cat Video TikTok

The cat in the video is an Egyptian cat named Ankha from the popular computer game “Animal Crossing”. The dancing clip of Ankha’s first posted by a TikTok user got the attention of many people on the platform and accumulated a good number of views.

Screenshot of Cat Video TikTok

The music has been a revelation as users are using it to create all different kinds of videos. Although the Ankha Zone movement belongs to the second group, nevertheless it still got into the trends on several social media networks.

The Animal Crossing cartoon character has been in the headlines after a video of its dance went viral. Ankh is an Egyptian Phrase that means Life and the character represents the ancient culture of Egypt of hundreds of years ago.

It wears a blue-and-yellow jacket and making use of eyeliner like an Egyptian. Its dancing moves on in the clip are not bad either and we have seen people copying the moves in the videos under the viral hashtags related to this trend.

What Is The Cat Video TikTok Song?

The song used in this video is also under the limelight due to various reasons. Some claimed that it is vintage seductive Egyptian music. Various speculations also suggest that the video had sexual beginnings but the claims have not been proven yet.

Along with seductive music, the dance moves are not considered normal ones as they are sexual gestures used for teasing. How much these claims are true no one knows but there are R-rated clips and edits of this viral trend.

The song is also part of the game and people are using the original video from the game to make memes, parodies, and clips. The trend first originated from TikTok and some users posted the same clips on Twitter then it became a trend there as well.

Some of the reactions to the videos and clips are very humoristic. The trend basically is used as a meme concept and therefore a massive number of people join the fun along with their own content based on this bizarre trend.

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Final Thoughts

Cat Video TikTok is not a mystery anymore as we have presented the background and all the details regarding this fascinating viral trend. If you have thought to share about this post then do it in the comment section for now, we say goodbye.

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