Cowin Certificate Correction: Full Guide

Did you mistakenly write the wrong credentials on your Covid 19 Cowin certificate and don’t know how to correct it? Then don’t worry because we are here Cowin Certificate Correction guide that helps you solve this major issue.

Since the arrival of coronavirus and its vaccination, the government of India is busy distributing the vaccines all across the country. The government has made it mandatory that every person who is 18+ should get themselves vaccinated.

So, it is essential to take both doses of vaccine to protect yourself from this harmful virus that has caused chaos all over the world. Cowin provides a platform to register yourself and acquire the certification as proof of being vaccinated.

Cowin Certificate Correction

Cowin registration is easy just visit the official website, Cowin app and app to download your certifications. The process is very simple, open the application, click the Covid 19 certificate option and write your credentials.

Then the platform will send you an OTP to confirm registration via message. After confirmation, you will get access to the certification and will also be able to download the document form of the certificate.

There are many chances that you have inadvertently registered the wrong credentials. Any mistakes in Name, date of birth, ID card number, and father name can be corrected. So, don’t stress out and read the below section carefully.

Covid Certificate Correction online India

In the section of the article, we are listing the step-by-step procedure of the Covid Certificate Correction online. This process rectifies your mistakes and enables you to write and submit the right credentials.

So, in this way, you can edit your document and correct it on the official website.

  1. First, open a web browser and visit the official website of Cowin
  2. Now click or tap the register/sign option
  3. Sign in using your mobile number
  4. You will receive an OTP to verify the process and you confirm that your number can be registered
  5. There option called raise an issue click/tap on that
  6. Now a dialog box will open at the top and select the member
  7. Now tap/click on correction in certificate option
  8. Lastly, correct the things you have written wrongly in the first place and press the submit option
Covid Certificate Correction online India

In this way, you can easily access your certification document and rewrite the credentials. This is very essential as the government of India has made it mandatory to take certificates while traveling, working, and visiting commercial places.

Many shopping malls, arenas, movie theaters, and many more places don’t allow people to enter their area without Covid 19 certification.

You can use numerous applications to correct your details as well such as CoWin,, and many more. Just download the applications and repeat the process we mentioned above. Just little tweaks in interfaces otherwise the procedure is similar.

You can also use these applications to book slots for yourself and family members in the nearest vaccination centers in case you haven’t taken the vaccine. After the first dose, you will be able to download certificates.

Covid Vaccine Certificate Correction Helpline Number

The government of India has made lots of vaccinations centers and helpline services to guide people in these tough times. So, if you are facing any troubles regarding coronavirus and its certifications, you can easily call them and ask for the solutions.  

The official helpline number is +91123978046, anyone can call on this number anytime from all over India and ask for answers to your queries. The official toll-free number is 1075 and the helpline Email ID is [email protected].

The personnel who mistakenly wrote the wrong credentials can correct the detail using this helpline number. The helpline operator will help you and guide you on any issue regarding your certificates and also book slots for getting vaccinated.   

The helpline operators work under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Government of India. Therefore, this is another reliable way of correcting your mistakes on the Covid vaccine certificate.

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Final Words

Well, Cowin Certificate Correction is not a question anymore, we have explained it in detail and listed the easiest way to correct your mistakes that happened due to lapse in concentration or inadvertently.

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