CureSee Vision Therapy on Shark Tank India Pitch, Deal, Services, Valuation

In Shark Tank India season 2, many unique business ideas are able to raise investments, living up to the expectations of the Sharks. CureSee Vision Therapy on Shark Tank India is another revolutionary AI -Based idea that has impressed the judges and made them fight for a deal.

The reality television show Shark Tank India gives the opportunity to entrepreneurs from all across the country to pitch their business ideas to a panel of potential investors. The panel of sharks then invest their own money in the idea in exchange for an ownership stake in the company.

Following season 1, the show attracted a wave of entrepreneurs seeking funding, and in the last episode, a company named CureSee pitched their idea. Lenskart CEO Piyush Bansal made a deal with it after it impressed the judges. Here’s everything that happened on the show.

CureSee Vision Therapy on Shark Tank India

In Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 34, CureSee Vision Therapy representatives made their presence felt by presenting their unique and World’s 1st Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Vision Therapy Software for Amblyopia or Lazy eye. It made Namita Thapar the Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals and Piyush Bansal founder and CEO of the popular Lenskart fight for getting the deal done.

They both wanted to invest after hearing the pitch and started explaining their visions of the AI-based vision therapy company. In doing so, Bansal negates each of Thapar’s visions for the pitchers, leading to both of them cross-questioning one another.

Bansal says he does not believe in the model Thapar has chosen for the company. He claims that he did not directly approach them as he learned about the platform, so he never approached them. Thapar asks why he never approached them when he learned about the platform.

Things got spicier when the two engaged in a bidding war. Namita initially offered Rs 40 lakh for 7.5 percent equity, while Piyush offered Rs 40 lakh for 10 percent equity. Following some strong words and a bidding war, CureSee representatives chose Piyush’s revised offer of 50 lakhs for 10% equity.

Screenshot of CureSee Vision Therapy on Shark Tank India

CureSee Vision Therapy on Shark Tank India – Major Highlights

Startup Name                  CureSee Vision Therapy
Startup Mission   Provide personalized and adaptive therapy to patients suffering from amblyopia using AI
CureSee Founder Name               Puneet, Jatin Kaushik, Amit Sahn
Incorporation of CureSee            2019
CureSee Initial Ask          ₹40 lakhs for 5% equity
Company’s Valuation                    ₹5 Crore
CureSee Deal On Shark Tank     ₹50 lakhs for 10% equity
Investors            Piyush Bansal

What is CureSee Vision Therapy

The founders claim that CureSee is the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) based vision therapy software in the world treating Amblyopia. A variety of exercises are offered to improve eyesight as well as a number of programs to help combat eye issues like amblyopia.

What is CureSee Vision Therapy

Everyone can benefit from this eye exercise program that empowers them and improves their vision. Anyone can use it, no matter their age or visual ability. It’s easy to use and accessible from any location. As the program prevents and reduces the risk of vision problems, it is an ideal choice for people who want to maintain good eye health.

Amblyopia Exercises is a specialized program created for patients with amblyopia, often referred to as “lazy eye”. Through the use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, the program provides individualized, adaptive exercises based on the progress of each user. Amblyopia patients can regain their sight and improve their vision through this program, which has been proven to be the most effective treatment.

The company has three co-founders and three chief operating officers: Puneet, Jatin Kaushik, and Amit Sahni. Based on the information provided by the founders, it has treated approximately 2500 patients since 2019. Currently, the company has over 200 doctors and operates in more than 40 locations.

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CureSee Vision Therapy On Shark Tank India was able to impress all the judges and seal a deal with a shark that has relevance to their business and can assist them immensely. According to sharks on the show, it is a groundbreaking startup that will help many people suffering from eyesight problems.

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