Dakota Johnson Meme: Meaning, History, Origin and Spread

The already famous girl from Fifty Shades of Grey became an even common face thanks to the widely used Dakota Johnson meme. Call it the repeat season, but her meme is again making rounds on the social media and the internet overall, thanks to a reason linked to its circumstances of origin.

Memes are here to stay, they could go out of use for a while, but a sudden change in situations or happenings of events, it could come to the fore once again helping the netizens to express their opinions and emotions with it.

This time it feels that this charming girl’s GIF or that particular interview image with the famous tagline has come back to tell Elene DeGeneres the same thing once again. So, if you don’t know what is this meme, its history, origin and spread as well as why it is once again in the Twitter lead or the Instagram reels, we will share the reason.

What is Dakota Johnson Meme

Image of Dakota Johnson Meme

Like any other meme famous out there the Dakota Johnson meme has a meaning as well. If you want to use it, there is a proper context and a precondition that has to be fulfilled. So, if you want to know about what those are when you can use this meme as well as where, we will explain it for you here in this section.

Dakota became the go-to image for the people who want to prove themselves right in a conversation or they simply need graphic support in a situation defined by an awkward moment. So, if it happens that you find yourself in a situation where you have to tell the other person that, ‘See I was being truthful, just put this image of hers.

Image of What is Dakota Johnson Meme

How easy life has become online, even you can be the most eloquent with the use of a simple image. Now did the famous actress’ image become a meme has a history. Once you read about it in the section below. The whole concept behind it will be clear for you. Without any delay, let’s explore it.

History of Dakota Johnson Meme

Image of History of Dakota Johnson Meme

It was the month of November 2019 when the actress Dakota Johnson participated in ‘The Ellen Show.’ She had recently celebrated her 30th birthday. DeGeneres while talking to her expressed her best wishes for her birthday, but in a sentence, she said something really off.

She called Dakota out on not getting an invitation to the birthday party. Well, to the surprise of the people who were there and watching the show on television, Johnson made it clear for everyone including Ellen that the case was totally different.

So, she made no ifs and buts about it right there. Her answer was, “Actually no, that’s not the truth Ellen. You were invited,” She didn’t stop here and explained the whole detail next, “Last time I was on the show, last year, you gave me a bunch of sh!t about not inviting you, but I didn’t even know you wanted to be invited. I didn’t even know you liked me.”

Origin of the Meme

The interview could have been just another interview of a celebrity where she was on top of the host for something they asked and tried to embarrass. Of course, there has to be a creative mind somewhere that decides, ‘here is something worth knowing for all,’ and spreads the word.

As you know, it is the case with any other thing going viral, this Dakota Johnson Meme was something the people were waiting for. So, they accepted it with open arms and now it is one of the lethal items in the meme arsenal of netizens.

It was November 27th, 2019. The Ellen Show YouTube account posted a clip of “Dakota Johnson’s Favorite Comedian Isn’t Ellen”. In no time, the clip gained over 2.8 million views and over 28000 likes in a time span of less than a week.

Spread of the Meme

It was November 30th, 2019, the Twitter users started commenting on the awkward interview. An account on the platform with the name @parkchanwookss uploaded multiple images of Dakota from the interview with the tag, “Dakota Johnson getting annoyed on Ellen: a saga”

Image of the spread of the Dakota Johnson Meme

This tweet garnered over 12900 likes and 12500 retweets within 72 hours of the posting. Thus was born another option for people like us who are not good with words to be expressive and detailed about our honest opinions.

With the Ellen Show now shutting down, this image of Johnson has started to make rounds online again. As the netizens are using it to point at Ellen for her explanation about the issue.

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The Dakota Johnson Meme is a great way for us to tell the other person our inner, heartfelt thoughts, to show them that this situation is a bit awkward, etc. Tell us if you have used it or if you have plans to use it in the comments below.

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