Dell Curry Wife Swap: Is Nicki Married To Sonya’s New Boyfriend Steven?

Dell Curry Wife Swap: This is the most talked about topic on social media these days and that too happening right before the NBA finals have made this rumored breaking a viral one. Almost a year ago the famous NBA superstar Stephen Curry’s parents parted ways and now both are living separately with their new partner as per the rumors.

Dell Curry is himself a very famous and a fantastic basketball player of his time. He was married to Sonya Curry who is an educator. They have three children Stephen Curry, Sydel Curry, and Seth Curry. The shift in the love triangle has surprised many as Dell Curry’s new girlfriend is Nicki Smith alleged ex-wife of Steven Johnson who is the new boyfriend of Sonya.

In this post, we have brought you all the details of this controversial breaking and information related to the relationships.

Dell Curry Wife Swap

The 33 years relationship was ended last year when Sonya filed a divorce in court for allegedly misbehaviors reasons. She stated in her divorce documents that Dell has been engaged with various other women while they married and she used the words “illicit sexual misbehavior” in her filed papers for divorce.

Screenshot of Dell Curry Wife Swap

Dell went to public and accused her of cheating on him while they were married. He told in response to her allegations that she was having an affair with former New England Patriots tight end Steven Johnson. On other hand, Dell has been seen with Nicki Smith during game 4 of the NBA finals 2022 cheering his son’s excellent performance.

The main reason behind the images getting viral on the internet is that Nicki Smith is the alleged ex-wife of Steven Johnson. That’s why on social media people started having a discussion about this swap of partners that looks very bizarre. Some users on Twitter even share pictures of both the couples when they were married captioning partners are swapped.

Nicki Smith Dell Curry Viral Picture

Nicki Smith Dell Curry Viral Picture

The picture that created a huge dramatic angle is of Nicki and Dell during game 4 of the National Basketball Association finals game 4. It has even taken the spotlight away from Stephen Curry who had an outstanding match and won the game for his team. After the game, Stephen has been seen hugging his mom Sonya who was accompanied by Steven Johnson.

People are calling Nicki Steven Johnson NFL Wife and both have been seen in the pictures together on social networks. The dramatic relationship is getting more attention due to Stephen and the timing in which it has come out to the public. Stephen is one of the best basketball players in the world and is ranked among the greatest of all time.

Dell is also one of the top players of his time who played for the Charlotte Hornets and is their all-time leader in points and three-point field goals made. The situation is not the ideal one for both the parents and their children as well. Some of the fans reacted to the pictures which got viral saying that seeing them with new partners made them sad as they used to see them together supporting their kid for a long time.

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Final Thoughts

Dell Curry Wife Swap is trending news on various social media outlets and people are all kinds of reactions to this swapped partner situation. Well, we have provided all the details, information, and insights regarding this trendy situation. Hope you enjoy the read for now we say goodbye.

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