Eden Hazard Net Worth in 2023, Know How Wealthy Former Real Madrid Player Is As He Announced His Retirement

One of the most skillful football players of the current generation announced retirement at the age of 32. We are talking about the former Chelsea and Real Madrid player Eden Hazard who is arguably in every list of best players of the last decade. Learn Eden Hazard net worth and the reasons behind his early retirement.

Eden Michael Walter Hazard famously known as Eden Hazard will be remembered as one of the deadliest dribblers the game has ever seen. Chelsea fans will never forget what he has done for the club and the magical moments he produced in the big games.

Injuries have played a big role in his decision to retire earlier than expected. His time in Real Madrid in the last few seasons was terrible and full of injuries. He left Real Madrid in the last summer transfer window and there were speculations of him moving to MLS but he ended them announcing his retirement.

What’s Eden Hazard Net Worth in 2023

When Eden Hazard moved to Real Madrid from Chelsea, he became one of the highest-paid players in the world. In 2019, Real Madrid paid a huge €130 million to bring the player to the team and he became the new number 7 for the club. Though he didn’t contribute as much as he wanted to the team and his time at the club was a huge disappointment, he was earning big.

According to a report from Evening Standard, Hazard was making £400,000 every week while playing for Real Madrid. In a year, that adds up to around 24 to 25 million euros. He also makes money through sponsorship deals. He is a brand ambassador of Sina Sports in China, who writes about his football and personal life. He’s also the face of a new trading card collection by Topps, which adds to his earnings.

When Hazard was playing for Real, his deal with Nike ranked the highest in his list of endorsements. Eden Hazard’s Net Worth 2023 according to various reports online is £55 million. He is one of the richest sportsmen in Belgium. He also appeared in the 2023 Sunday Times Rich List.

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Why Eden Hazard Retired from Football

It is very evident that his stint with Real Madrid was clearly a disappointment for the player and his fanbase as well. The fitness issues and constant knee injuries made his life tough at the club. He originally agreed to a five-year contract lasting until 2024, but his tenure with the club was marked by injuries and a lack of good performance. So, the club terminated his contract ahead of schedule in the last summer transfer window.

Several teams were said to want Hazard without any transfer fee, but he chose to retire from football at only 32 years old. The main reasons behind his retirement were fitness issues and it seemed he had stopped enjoying the game. Hazard announced his retirement via his Instagram account in which he thanked everyone who helped him throughout the years.

He wrote a goodbye message which reads “You must listen to yourself and say stop at the right time. After 16 years and more than 700 matches played, I have decided to end my career as a professional footballer. I was able to realize my dream, I have played and had fun on many pitches around the world.”

Why Eden Hazard Retired from Football

He continued his statement by saying “During my career, I was lucky to meet great managers, coaches, and teammates – thank you to everyone for these great times, I will miss you all. I also want to thank the clubs I have played for: LOSC, Chelsea, and Real Madrid; and thank the RBFA for my Belgian Selection.”

Hazard ended his retirement announcement by thanking everyone “Finally, a huge thank you to you, my fans, who have followed me for all these years and for your encouragement everywhere I have played. Now is the time to enjoy my loved ones and have new experiences. See you off the field soon my friends”.

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No doubt Eden Hazard will be remembered as one of the greats of the game and a player who destroyed opponent defenses with great dribbling skills. Unfortunately, his career was shortened by fitness problems as he announced his retirement from professional football yesterday. As promised, we have provided details about Eden Hazard net worth and the amount of wealth he possesses. That’s all for this one so for now, we sign off.

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