For My Abandoned Love Spoiler of 2022 Manga Novel

A fairly new manga novel is making waves among the readers. This is why people are looking for the title For My Abandoned Love Spoiler. This 2022 edition has an attractive storyline that spellbinds the reader from the beginning.

So if you have been intrigued by the synopsis and have read a few chapters but want to know some spoilers before continuing to read the full storyline there are some ways. One is that here we will share some spoilers 2022 for free.

For My Abandoned Love Spoiler

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The manga has a fanbase of its own. Here you will find all kinds of material that a human mind can imagine. If you want something that transcends reality, you have to come to the manga for that.

The synopsis of this story goes as follows. I transmigrated in a romantic fantasy storybook. This novel I liked so much so that I binged watched until the Nth episode. I’m just a commoner, not someone special, but here I possessed an effluent commoner.

In the story, I watched the romance of the characters in the original novel while attending a banquet arranged by a noble who bought his status from another nobleman who had fallen. Here, I thought I was going back to the reality after watching it through the end.

But, somehow, as I crossed the ending I was still stuck there and still possessed by the book and lived the life in the novel. This was not just a possessedness like a prison. Thus I learned more than what I learned while going through the novel.

Here I experienced the behind the scene stories, some most, frankly speaking, I did not want to know. My favorite in the story Kaelus died. I lived with him in poverty, according to the story settings and I too at the end fell sick and died.

Now this time I thought, this is it, I am finally liberated and can go back to reality. But I returned to the right after the novel ended. This all happened overnight. This means I have a chance here. Now I can save my lover, Can I?

For My Abandoned Love Spoiler 2022

There is a tragedy tag in the storyline so this gives us a sense of what we could be bracing for. As the novel moves ahead with the development of different characters there is a lot that is revealed about the story. Here are some of the highlights.

  • It seems like the ML poisons the villainess’s family to avenge FL who was bullied.
  • In the end the female lead chooses the crown prince.
  • A tragedy tag as the ML has suicidal thoughts.
  • The FL commits various things to help out the ML and they both end up together in the end.
  • You might feel the role of ogFL and ogML is not that convincing.
  • As soon as the FL comes back she goes to rescue the ML as he is going to end his life. But in the original ML dies two years after the original ending.
  • FL gets power from the social world and uses it to isolate the crown princess Yeoju.
  • ML garners the courage to live and says sorry to ogML and ogFL.
  • FL makes a contract to marry ML and plans to get revenge on someone (it could be ogML or ogFL).
  • As you will find but to give you a For My Abandoned Love spoiler the ogML and ogML are not the noblest of people and we cannot declare them as good. As a reader you will not feel any pity for the two.
  • You will find FL without any morals and she has one main purpose that is to get revenge. She is weird. The original ML and FL are so unlucky.
  • The ML is deeply in love but has no chance of getting a response from the other side. Nonetheless, he is being used by them. He does nothing despite knowing this.
  • The FL is too powerful but it feels like she is stuck with ML who is running her down at so many levels. He is bogged down by the past and his unrequited love.

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