Forest Question Relationship Test On TikTok Explained & How To Take Part

Another day another trend is running riot on TikTok and it is called “Forest Question” a relationship test that has attracted many people’s attention on this platform. Everyone is interested in taking this Forest Question Relationship Test on TikTok and sharing the result of it with their followers.

Several quizzes have been trending on this platform recently such as the mental age test and this one is also based on the questions and answers that test your relationship with your loved ones. Some of the results of this particular quiz have surprised many with unexpected outcomes.

The hashtag #Forestquestion has over 9 million views on this platform and it is one of the hottest trends going around at the moment. Everybody who is in a relationship seems to be interested in taking this test and checking how it goes.

What is Forest Question Relationship Test on TikTok

The forest question quiz consists of some questions asked by your partners and you have to answer them all. It is a kind of test that determines the level of understanding between you and your partner. It is a way of analyzing the status of the relationship.

There are four questions in the test and TikTok users are convinced that these questions are more than enough to test the level relationship. This trend has baffled many users as some appear to be surprised with the answers given by their partners.

There is no scientific proof of this test is correct but a lot of users are excited about it and when the results are not like what they expected has made them disappointed. This is just a fun test but some have taken it too seriously.

Screenshot of Forest Question Relationship Test On TikTok

The questions are the same for everyone and those who are answering have options to choose as their answer. For example, what is the first animal you see is one of the queries in this quiz. The first animal they see supposedly represents the person answering the questions, and the second animal represents who is asking them.

Likewise, the remaining three queries have in-depth meaning that determines the result of this particular relationship test. Based on the answers your partner judges how good you are at managing the partnership.


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♬ use this if youre gay – alex ◡̎

How to Take Forest Question Relationship Test on TikTok


Its sarcasm incase you didnt realize. Hes so tired of me and trends. #forestquestions #married #husband #BigInkEnergy

♬ use this if youre gay – alex ◡̎

So, if you want to take part in this relationship test and determine the level of bonding you have with your boyfriend/girlfriend then ask the four questions given below and record the answers so that you share them on TikTok.

  • What is the first animal that you see?
  • What is the second animal that you see?
  • You are walking in a forest and then you see a hut, do you bypass it, knock before going in or crash it
  • You see a jug, how much water is in it? Half, full, or none?

Keep in mind that the first animal your partner mentions, they are referring to themselves, and the second animal is you. Also, the hut represents how ready you are for the relationship and the amount of water represents how much love you feel in the relationship.

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Final Verdict

Well, the Forest Question Relationship Test on TikTok is not an unknown thing for you now as we have presented all the details regarding it and explained how to take participation. That’s all for this post enjoy the read as we sign off for now.

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