Fortnite Loading Screen: Reasons & Solutions

Have you faced the troublesome issue of loading screen while playing Fortnite? Yes, then you are in the right spot to know about the Fortnite Loading Screen problem. It is an issue encountered by many players who are requesting solutions.

Fortnite is a world-famous online battle royale game available on many platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Nintendo Switch, and several others. It is one of the most played games in the world on a regular basis with 80 million active monthly users.

The popularity of the action-packed shooter adventure has grown immensely since it has been made available for smartphone users. This compelling gaming experience has more than 150 million registered players all across the globe.

Fortnite Loading Screen

In this post, you will get to know why so many players encounter the loading screen issue and how to fix this particular issue faced by many players. The fascinating adventure has three distinct game mode versions Battle Royale, Save the world, and Fortnite Creative.

Every new season there are lots of changes made to the gameplay and new unique themes are added to the game. You will see many loading screens along with each new update and the loading screen mostly represents the theme of the season.


Like when Fortnite collaborated with Spiderman, a Spiderman image was appearing on the loading screen. It changes from time to time with intriguing images being added to it based on the developments within the game.

What Is Fortnite Loading Screen Issue?

Many players who are playing this adventure are facing a problem where players get stuck on the Fortnite Loading Screen, especially PC users. Players have reported that they stay stuck on the screen at the beginning after clicking on the launch.

Another reason is that whenever a new season comes out a huge number of players come back to play this adventure to enjoy newly added features. The servers get packed with players at the start of a new season causing loading issues.  

The increase in the traffic suddenly may crash the servers and cause a screen to get stuck. It is not only a server that creates these problems, it may well get stuck due to troubles in installation files. It may occur due to graphic card drivers’ complications.

Sometimes the device your using to play this game is not up to the requirements it needs. It may be due to your device being loaded with many heavy demanding applications and tools that cause the system to slow down.

How to Fix Fortnite Loading Screen

How to Fix Fortnite Loading Screen

If you are encountering this particular problem while playing then you are most welcome here as we are going to provide several ways to resolve this obstacle between you and the gaming experience. Just follow the steps to remove this headache once it occurs.

Checking the Servers

Firstly, visit the Epic Game Status page to check the situation of the servers before you do anything else. This will determine whether the issue is related to the servers or the device. If servers are the reason behind this particular problem the only thing you can do is wait until resolved.

Check & Verify Your Game Files

This is another way of resolving this particular complication. Epic Game is an in-build tool that verifies the file related to the gaming adventure. Run that tool on the Epic Game Launcher to verify every file is present and working. If a file is missing or corrupted just reinstall the whole gaming app but first delete all these files.

Update Windows

Sometimes the issue is related to the operating system and its compatibility with the gaming application. It is due to the Windows version is not supported by the current game’s version. To resolve this kind of issue just keep your Windows up to date.

Restart Your PC

Restarting your PC means you are refreshing the whole system from drivers to the operating system. It can be the quickest solution to the Loading Screen problem in Fortnite. It refreshes the PC and removes temporary errors.

Update Graphics Drivers

The current version of your graphics driver may be outdated and not compatible with the version of your Fortnite. So, keep your drivers up to date to encounter fewer errors and remove many complications.

Reinstall the Game

If you are encountering this error again and again then the most suitable solution is to reinstall Fortnite. First, remove all the files related to this adventure and then install this particular game once again to resolve the issue.

Well, these are the ways to get rid of the Loading Screen Issue in Fortnite and enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

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Final Words

This is a very popular gaming adventure with players who play this game with great interest and enthusiasm. Therefore, we have provided all the possible solutions to the Fortnite Loading Screen Issue.

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