Frog or Rat TikTok Trend Meme History, Insights, & Fine Points

The Frog or Rat TikTok Trend Meme is viral on various on several social media platforms and getting viewed by millions of users all across the globe. In this post, you will where it is generated from and why it is viral on the internet.

Meme creators are alert to every possible meme-making opportunity and mostly hit on the trendy stuff on the internet. That’s why this TikTok trend is the newest concept for memers to show their creativity and there are a huge number of edits & clips based on this viral trend.

TikTok is a video-sharing platform used by billions all around the globe and some of the trends are popular everywhere. Frog or Rat TikTok is a very bizarre-looking trend that has created havoc on TikTok with thousands of users following and accumulating millions of views.

What is Frog or Rat TikTok Trend Meme

The frog or Rat TikTok trend is a very famous trend that refers to everyone looks like either a frog or a rat and you can tell by their facial features. It is basically a game in which you show your face through the camera and the system tells you whether you look like a frog or rat.

The game first came on to the scenes in 2020 but didn’t impress many as very few were interested in checking what they look like. Slowly it was spread over the internet as the user’s started sharing the result on their social accounts.

Screenshot of Frog or Rat TikTok Trend Meme

It reached viral status after the TikTok content creators started using the feature and made all kinds of videos. Afterward, a lot of memes related to this trend became famous on social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and various others.

You will witness thousands of videos on TikTok attempting this challenge under multiple hashtags like #FrogorRattrend. The content creators have also completed the test of their favorite stars using their pictures along with facial features.


They say you are either a rat or a frog #ratatouille #ratorfrog #fyp

♬ original sound – lilyb

Frog or Rat TikTok Trend Meme Origin & Spread

The trend originated from a TikTok user called Ellen Knight who posted a video of herself and her friends taking the test to show how they look like either of the two animals. She also posted a video of various celebrities telling people who appears to be like a frog and who is the rat. The video got 85,000 likes and was followed by other videos.

It slowly begins to get the attention of more users a clip from TikTok user Lilyb got 252,000 in less than one year. In 2022 it picked up the pace and now it is spread all over the internet as you can witness all types of clips, memes, and content related to this trend.

It is also popular with the name am I a frog or a rat quiz and it appears as if every person has his own opinion about how he looks. Many interviewers have asked this question from celebrities in interviews and recently Strange Things cast have been seen answering this question.

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Final Words

Well, everyone likes giggling while going through the memes on the internet, and Frog or Rat TikTok Trend Meme concept can amaze you as several hilarious memes are available based on this trend. Hope you enjoy the read and for more posts like this visit our page regularly.

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