Ghost Simulator Codes March 2022

Ghost Simulator is one of the most famous Roblox gaming experiences and most played adventures on this particular. This intense gaming adventure has millions of visitors and many enjoy it regularly. Therefore, we are here with Ghost Simulator Codes.

The Roblox Ghost simulator is developed by BloxByte Games and was released on 27th December 2022. Since then it is one of the popular experiences on this platform played with enthusiasm and great interest by the players.

This is a gaming adventure where the ghosts have taken the rule of the world and you have to help them move on to their next life using numerous tools in-game, by completing quests and by fighting the enemies and their bosses.

Ghost Simulator Codes

In this article, you will get to know about the latest Working Ghost Simulator Codes that can get you the best in-app items and resources like free gems, pets, bytes, and various other useful stuff. This will help increase the level of the player’s character.

The codes are alphanumeric coupons that you have to redeem to get the freebies on offer. These coupons are offered by the developers of this thrilling game to provide players an opportunity to acquire fruitful rewards.

This Ghost Simulator Codes Wiki will provide the active and working coupons to help you get the finest in-game material you can use while playing. It will also help you increase your skills and enhance your fighting abilities.

You can get those in-app items and resources which you always wanted to have in your inventory. Normally, when you buy these things from the in-game store you have to spend a lot of money but in this way, you can get them for free.

Ghost Simulator Codes 2022 (March)

Here we are going to provide the list of Codes for Roblox Ghost Simulator that are 100% working and can get you many amazing freebies. These coded coupons are provided frequently by the developers throughout the year.

Active Coded Coupons

  • PUPPET – To Redeem Puppet Master Pet
  • BOOSTED – To get Boosted Lucky Gem
  • EXCITE! – For getting Excite Hoverboard
  • NOTACODE – For getting One Event Bait and Two Crate Keys
  • LEAK – For Crate Key
  • CHATTYPEEPS – For Free Reward
  • ETERNAL12 – For Crate Key
  • PUGSARECOOL – For Pug Pet
  • DRIP – To acquire Thrift Krepy and 350 Snowflakes
  • BADBAD – For acquiring Free Pet Expires Jan 28
  • XMASBEATS – To Get Drummin Pet
  • GS2022 – To Get Shooting Star 2022 Pet
  • LOVECURSE – To Redeem Free Pet
  • 100TH – To Redeem Free Pet
  • TREEHUGGER – For acquiring Koala Pet
  • YOUTUBE – For Free Reward Youtube Board
  • FIREFLY – Free Reward Firefly Pet
  • R1FT – To Redeem Purple Pegasus Pet
  • 1YEAR – To earn a One Year Bag
  • THANKYOU – for Alpha Testers
  • SPAC3 – To get Dave as Reward
  • THEEND – To acquire the Gears
  • PLAY – For Cosmic Hand
  • BB500K – For Blox Boy 500 Pet
  • BOSSRAID – For Bloo Chonks
  • SUMM3R – Snazzy Pegasus
  • Godly Pet – 2YEARSMust be in BloxByte Games Group
  • 10Mplayz- To get free Boosts
  • m3ta – free reward Must be in BloxByte Games Group
  • 2YEARS – Get a Godly Pet
  • L1STED – Santas List Pet
  • BADGIFT – For Bad Gift Pet
  • MERRY – To acquire Peppermint Pegasus and 350 Snowflakes
  • LEAFPOWER – For acquiring Bounty Harvest
  • CORN – For Corn Board McCoard
  • HUMBLE – To acquire Pumpkin Pie
  • FRIDGE – For Legendary Pet
  • TOX1N – For Toxin Treats
  • LASTWEEK – To acquire Legendary Pet
  • GARLIC – To get Legendary Pet
  • EERIE – For x350 Candies and Exorcist Pegasus Pet

Currently, these are the active coded coupon available to redeem and acquire the following rewards on offer.

Expired Coded Coupons

  • VDAY22
  • CORN
  • L1STED
  • Leader One Pet
  • 1x Crate Key
  • Spring Pegasus Pet
  • Grid Hoverboard
  • 1x Crate Key
  • Lucky Boy Pet
  • Victory Pet
  • Dr. Dice Pet
  • Giggles Pet
  • Trippy Pet
  • Tri-Jet Hoverboard
  • 1x Crate Key
  • Mushi Pet
  • Hoverboard: BOOST
  • 2 Boss Bait: 1STRANDO
  • Fallen Spirit: 2NDARC
  • Jinshi Hoverboard: UWURACER
  • Sugardrop: REMNANT
  • Crate Key: S1LLYBUNNY
  • Freedom: LIBERTY
  • Sorry Board: PUZZLE
  • Bloo Chonks: BOSSRAID
  • Snazzy Pegasus: SUMM3R
  • Reward
  • T-Duck Pet (NEW)
  • Lava Java Pet
  • Star Striped Pegasus Pet
  • Free Starfly Pet: WINTER
  • Free Pet: 100M
  • Overshot 2021 and Fireflight 2021
  • 300 Snowflakes
  • Royal Kreepy Cat
  • 250 Golden Turkey Leg
  • 10 Soul Keys
  • 350 Candy & Creepy Krepy Cat
  • Bloxy Boy 500 Pet
  • Shocker Pet
  • Byte Pet
  • 10 Atlantis Keys
  • Aqua Pegasus Skin
  • 1 Basic Zoom Gum
  • Gumball Pet
  • Sports King Pet
  • Bit Missile Hoverboard
  • Flop Hoverboard
  • 1x Crate Key
  • Vanity Hoverboard
  • Firecracker Pet
  • Dr. Doctor Pet
  • ButterBoy Pet

This is the list of recently expired coded coupons of this particular Roblox gaming adventure.

How to Redeem Codes for Ghost Simulator

How to Redeem Codes for Ghost Simulator

In this section, we are going to provide a step-by-step procedure for redeeming the active codes for this specific game and getting the rewards. just follow and execute the steps one by one to receive the above-mentioned freebies.

Step 1

Firstly, Launch the game on your particular device.

Step 2

Now click/tap the Twitter button available on the screen and proceed.

Step 3

Here you will see a box with Enter a Code label so, enter all active coded coupons one by one or use copy-paste function to put them into the box.

Step 4

Lastly, click/tap the Redeem button to confirm redemption and get your hand on the exciting freebies.

In this way, a player of this adventure can achieve the objective of redeeming and acquiring the fruitful items and resources on offer. Remember that these codes’ validity is time-limited and will get expired when the time limit is over.

A coupon also doesn’t work when it reaches its maximum number of redemptions. To make sure you stay updated with the arrival of new gift codes, just follow the official social media accounts of this adventure and visit the Roblox platform regularly.

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Well, you have learned about the newest working Ghost Simulator Codes and the procedure to achieve redemptions. So, with the hope that this post will be helpful and useful in many ways, we say goodbye.

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