Hearing Age Test on TikTok Explained: Insights & Fine Points

The Hearing Age Test on TikTok is going viral all around the world and accumulating millions of views on one platform. There are several reasons behind its popularity and we are going to discuss them in detail about it and tell you how to take part in this particular trend.

In recent days, TikTok users may have witnessed numerous tests and quizzes getting viral on the platform for example the Mental Age Test, Forest Question Relationship Test, and a couple of others. This test is similar to those trends as well.

The test determines the age of your ear which seems a bit odd but the users are going crazy about it and the content creator Justin who made the first video related to this test has achieved the 15 million views mark in only two weeks or so.

What is Hearing Age Test on TikTok

The TikTok Hearing Age Test will check how old you are hearing by playing frequency and a text layover labeled “The test will determine how old your hearing is.” Once the video starts playing, the user hears a frequency until the hears nothing as it reduces with time. The point where stop hearing the frequency is considered to be your year age.

There is no evidence of this test being scientifically correct and decent enough to determine the real age of the years. The mode of listening also differs result of the test as those who listen with their heads phones have more chance of better results. We have seen many bizarre trends go viral on TikTok in contrast this looks a bit logical.

Screenshot of Hearing Age Test on TikTok

A lot of discussions are going on regarding this test on Twitter as people are sharing their thoughts providing baffling context to it. But this test may not be accurate as people are reacting to it in various videos on the platform. People who use better sound offering headphones will hear the frequency more clearly and for a longer time.

It also depends upon the quality of sound offered by the device if you are not using the headphone so, there is no clear winner in this test as far as the accuracy of the test goes. But the content creators are enjoying the trend and are making all types of clips taking the test. The videos are available under the hashtag #HearingAgeTest.

How to take the “Hearing Age Test” for TikTok?


I found a more accurate hearing test than my previous one. How old is your hearing? Cr: @jarred jermaine for this test #hearingtest #earagetest #hearingloss #health #sound #healthtok

♬ original sound – Justin Agustin

If you are interested in taking this test and sharing the result with your followers then just follow the instructions given below.

  • Firstly, play the video shared by Justin the test originator on this platform
  • Now listen to the audio with full focus and concentration
  • With time the frequency will increase just write down the age listening to the audio.
  • The tip on how to write the age is given in Justin’s hearing age test video
  • Lastly, once you record the result just share it on TikTok using the hashtag mentioned above

This is how you can check your hearing age by attempting this particular TikTok viral test and share it with your followers by adding your reactions.

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Final Thoughts

The Hearing Age Test on TikTok is making a lot of buzz on the internet and we have explained why it is so viral. That’s all for this article we hope you enjoy the read as sign off for now.

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