How to leave Guild Cookie Run: Cookies Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom is a famous endless running games series played all over the world. If you have played this game and wondering How to leave Guild Cookie Run? Then we are going to provide you with the solution and tell you exactly how to do it.

It is a fascinating gaming experience inspired by the vintage folk tale The Gingerbread Man. The gameplay is regarding the cookies running around to acquire points and items by avoiding the obstacles and fighting out against the evil dessert enemies,

This gaming adventure comes with six modes to play and regularly updated events. The various modes that a player can play in this running game include break out, cookie trails, trophy race, the island of memories, story mode, and guild run.

This popular gaming adventure received an update in which there are lots of new features and additions to the Guild System of the game. These additions made the gaming experience more fun and interesting to explore.

After the update, so many players are looking to leave their clubs and join new ones. Many players also want to own the new clubs they joined. Guild runs have become more exciting with the newly made additions and features.

So, in this section of the article, we are going to discuss the procedure of leaving a club in this game and numerous more stories regarding the Guild. Therefore, read and follow this section carefully.

How to leave Guild Cookie Run 2022

This process contains different activities and levels that must be completed in order to achieve the desired goals.

Unlocking the Guilds

The players have to play world exploration mode where the players will approach the game as a team of cookies and destroy several mighty bosses. Players have to complete stages 3 to 6 to reach the level to be able to join and create guilds.

This option is available at bottom of the screen, tap the button to start this process of unlocking.

Creating a Guild

After you tap the guild button, there will be an option of create so tap the button. Now name the club, write a description, and mark different options given on the screen. You have to pay 500 crystals to get started with your newly made Guild.

Leaving the Guild

There is an icon at the top left-hand corner with every Guild. So, tap on that icon to go inside the castle and tap that emblem again, now you will see the option of closing the Guild. Note that you have to be the leader of this particular guild.

If there are other members in the club then you have to make one of them the leader to close or leave it. The leader can kick the member out in order to leave or close the club.

So, how do you leave a guild in cookie run kingdom problem is solved. The new update of this game came with some amazing features to enjoy which are listed here.

Main Features

  • This app is free and comes with a very easy to use in-game interfaces
  • Available for both Android and iOS devices
  • Build and design the cookie kingdom
  • Team up with your friends and enjoy the gaming experience more
  • Built your own kingdom by defeating the dessert enemies
  • Win different modes to win rewards and items that will help you increase your level
  • Battle and enjoy the game in several ways and modes on offer
  • Players can unlock and explore the hidden secrets of the Cookie Run Universe
  • Fight and unlock new fighting levels by destroying your enemies
  • Players can customize their kingdom uniquely using the numerous resources available
  • Various more

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The Cookie Run Kingdom is a brilliant online mobile gaming series with many popular versions that include Overbreak, Cookie Wars, Cookie Run, and several more. It is one of the most successful gaming adventures that won many awards in numerous countries.

Final Words

Well, how to leave Guild Cookie Run in the Cookie Run Kingdom is not a question anymore, you can easily leave following the above procedure and join a different one to meet new friends.

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