I Am Jose Mourinho Meme History, Insights & More

I Am Jose Mourinho Meme is trending these days and here we will present the details of it and tell why it has become so popular across various social media networks, especially on TikTok. If you are a football fan and know Jose then you will understand the concept of the meme very Quickly.

Jose is a spicy character on the field and one of the best coaches in the last decade. He has won all the trophies at the club level from the UEFA Champions League to League cups. He is also known as the special one in the footballing world.

He has always been an emotional and enthusiastic character on and off the field. Along with glory, he had his bad moments with fights on the pitch and off the pitch against generalists. Even before this meme we have parodies and edits mocking this particular coach.

What is I Am Jose Mourinho Meme

Screenshot of I Am Jose Mourinho Meme

This meme is on fire after a TV commercial starring Mourinho caught the eyes of many people in which Jose makes this statement I Am Jose Mourinho as in telling the people he can do everything. Then the first edit came from a TikTok user with the caption “me after adopting 10 Ukrainian families to make them play my icon swaps games”.

It got 271,000 likes in two weeks and other content creators started to follow in his footsteps with their own creative TikToks. This is how it all begins and the meme also gained attention on Twitter with many users starting a trend using the #IAmJoseMourinho.

The meme creators are using the audio from the TV commercial where the special one says I Am Jose Mourinho in a vintage way. The sound is dominating the TikTok platform as users are using it with all kinds of captions and scripts.

One of the TikTok stars used this sound when he checked out his crush’s profile and he states in the caption “Me Scrolling her through her Insta and liking Her least liked picture so she thinks I am different”.

History of the Meme

The origin of the meme comes from a TV ad that was released on 6 April 2022 starring one of the finest football tactical geniuses around and also one of those who always remain near hot news with his crazy and emotional attitude. It is an Ad for Topps Tv in which he is given the role of the monster coach who is about to all the 24 teams in the euro 2024.

I Am Jose Mourinho Meme is basically the sound of this coach which is used as the reference to all the content made on the TikTok. The trend has a collected massive number of views on TikTok and some users are posting it on various other platforms to encourage more people to follow the viral trend.

You will witness a lot of football lovers following this trend as they know the special one Jose inside out and have been fans of his crazy character in the football world. He is currently coaching the Seria a League team Roma.

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So, now that you know what and where the I Am Jose Mourinho Meme came from also why it is going so viral on the internet. That’s it for this article hope you have fun reading it for now we say goodbye.

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