I’m Going to Tell Piers Morgan Meme Origin, Background, Best Memes

Ever since Cristiano Ronaldo gave the groundbreaking interview with the English journalist Piers Morgan he has been in the headlines for multiple reasons. Again his relationship with Piers has brought him into the spotlight but this time in a form of a meme. Learn what is I’m Going to Tell Piers Morgan Meme and where it originated from in this post.

Throughout his long footballing career, Cristiano always remained a hot topic for this football fans. He is one of the greatest players of all time well known for banging goals into the net. But his career is also full of controversies as well.

Recently, he gave an unfolding interview with a well-known English media person Piers Morgan who is also popular for creating controversies with his statements and actions. As a result of that interview, Manchester United dismissed Ronaldo’s contract and fined him a hefty fee.

I’m Going to Tell Piers Morgan Meme – Origin & Spread

Football fans have been using the term I’m Going to Tell Piers Morgan to troll Ronaldo after the interview. However, after Ronaldo texted Pier Morgan about the situation after the match against Uruguay, it’s being called a real meme.

During the game, Ronaldo claimed a goal saying the ball touched his head but the match officials gave it to Bruno Fernandes who hit the freekick. As per the officials, they have checked the deflection with technology and found no contact so they awarded the goal, Fernandes.

Cristiano celebrated the goal in his trademark way and seemed sure that the ball has touched his head. However, those who reviewed the goal found nothing hence they awarded the goal to Bruno. Ronaldo looked shocked when the big screen showed the picture of Bruno Fernandes as the goal scorer.

He also complained to the referee during the game and was not happy about the decision. Later he was substituted and in the last minutes of the game, Fernandes again scored after the referee awarded Portugal a penalty for handball.

Portugal won the game by a 2-0 margin and qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2022 Round of 16. As per the reports, after the game Cristiano texted Piers telling him it was his goal and that he was convinced it touched his head.

Pier then tweeted in support of Ronaldo saying “Ronaldo touched that ball. He should be awarded the goal.” The Portugal FA also got involved and posted a complaint to FIFA to award the goal to Ronaldo and check the footage again.

Screenshot of I’m Going to Tell Piers Morgan Meme

As a result, people began making sarcastic jokes and memes using the phrase I am Going to Tell Piers Morgan sarcastically. Media and Messi fans were accused of degrading Ronaldo by memes as Ronaldo fans appeared angry.

I’m Going to Tell Piers Morgan Meme – Reactions

Many social media users are referring to the I am going to tell Piers Morgan is real after reading Ronaldo texted Piers regarding the goal. A lot of social media users and official news outlets like ESPN FC shared the meme with laughing emojis, causing it to go viral.

Alexi Lalas, a former American international revealed on Fox Sports “Breaking news is that Cristiano Ronaldo did not score, despite his claims that it did touch him. I was just with Piers Morgan. He said that Cristiano texted him from the locker room saying he believes that it touched his head. Who knows.”

I am going to tell Piers Morgan

Some users generated a meme using the image of Cristiano Ronaldo heading through the Old Trafford tunnel while holding a sign that reads, “I’m going to tell Piers Morgan,” is true. Many other memes are also rambling on the internet with this caption.

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It should be clear now what the I’m Going to Tell Piers Morgan Meme is and where it came from since we discussed all the details and explained the background. We hope you enjoyed reading this post; please write a comment to let us know your thoughts.

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