Instagram Showing Old Posts Problem Explained & Possible Solutions

If you are a daily Instagram user you may have encountered a glitch where the Instagram Showing Old Posts on the timeline. I have noticed it myself it is showing the same feed again and again. With that, you will also find some old posts of 2022 on the timeline.

Instagram is a social media networking service where people can share photos, videos, stories, and reels. It is one of the most famous social networks used by billions. It is available for many platforms such as Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and several others.

The best thing about Instagram is normally you will find the most recent posts and if you have seen them once it doesn’t show them back. When you refresh it even with slow internet it shows the newest feed and content, unlike Facebook.

Instagram Showing Old Posts

In this post, we are going to present the details of why users are encountering old pictures and videos on Instagram and possible solutions to get rid of this particular issue. Some have also seen the welcome to the Instagram message when they launch it.

Many users have taken to Twitter to find answers to this problem tweeting why Insta is showing old posts. The Insta authorities haven’t addressed the issue yet or provided any message regarding this glitch encountered by the users.

This may be a technical glitch or update-related problem yet no one has found a proper explanation for it. Insta displays feed most updated posts based on your liking and previous interactions on the platform but the occurrence of this issue hasn’t been the case.

The inclusion of artificial intelligence has made it easy to find the feed on Insta based on your recent likes and dislikes. If you are interested in sports then it will suggest more sports content to follow and watch.

Why Is Instagram Showing Old Posts?

Why Is Instagram Showing Old Posts

Insta is most people’s favorite destination to visit when it comes to social media networks. You will find users who are online on this network 24 hours and interact with their followers. You would see followers ready to comment and show their love to their favorite Instagrammers.

This hasn’t been the case recently as the platform is showing old content from 2022 and sometime it is users are witnessing the same content many times. The long and short answer to why is this happening is that it is a glitch, technical fault, or something to do with the patch update.

No one can provide the exact until Insta developers address the problem. Most users are experiencing this issue on its app version. Several users have also complained about receiving a black mark when they tried to send messages to their friends.

We rarely see glitches like these on this platform as it has built a reputation for running smoothly and providing fresh content. Well, the issue will be sorted out by the Insta Team soon we hope but you can try the below-listed solution to avoid these glitches.

Instagram Showing Old Posts Possible Solutions

Here we will present a list of some solutions to try and avoid these issues.

  • Switch to your feed following: this will allow you to see the newest posts on the platform. Just tap on the logo of Insta available on the top left of the screen and select the following option to enable it.
  • Clear Instagram Cache: This will refresh your application and remove the post stuck in the cache enabling Insta app to read new data. Go to the setting option and find the clear cache option and tap on that.
  • Switch Instagram Web: this is another easy option to use and avoid these troubles as the problems are application-related. Open a browser and visit and login using your credential to enjoy a smooth experience.

This is how you can get rid of these problems you are encountering using the Insta app. If you are happy with its application and if the app is working properly on your device there is no need to follow the above instructions.

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Final Thoughts

So, if you are one of those users who is facing issues like Instagram Showing Old Posts then try the solutions we have presented in this post. That’s all for this one continue visiting our website as we will come up with more informative stories.

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