Is Lewis Hamilton Gay Who is He: Find All About Him

Is Lewis Hamilton Gay? People are asking this on the internet and there seem to be different views and opinions coming from different sorts of people about this matter. Since he has been keeping his dating life private, it is high time to check out what the reality is?

As you might know the guy Hamilton is a seven-time Formula One World Champion. He has so far a total of 103 wins to his name. Starting the winning journey from Canadian Grand Prix in 2007 his last stunt was the first position in Saudi Arabian Grand Prix last year in 2021.

He is currently competing in F1 for Mercedes. Once in the spotlight for his relationship with Nicole Scherzinger, but with the ending of this relationship, it is a bit of silence from his side on the matter of whether he is dating someone or not. So what is the reality? Find out more about him in the next paragraphs.

Is Lewis Hamilton Gay?

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When we talk about Lewis Hamilton, automatically it is names like Nicole Scherzinger, Barbara Palvin, Sofia Richie, and Nicki Minaj to name a few, we have to think about as well. So if Lewis Hamilton is gay or not, it is not yet in the confirmed zone from any side.

He has not yet announced his inclination towards the same sex or being straight but what is known from his life in media, it is safe to make an assumption, as you might see it clearly. Nonetheless, he has been outspoken about human and LGBTQ+ rights.

The seven-times F1 World Champion has proved himself to be a supporter of LGBT rights and he has in past used his celebrity charm, privilege, and professional platform to talk about the issue and matters related to the community.

For instance, in December 2021, he severely criticized Saudi Arabia’s Anti-Gay laws before his race in the capital of the country Jeddah. He termed these anti-LGBTQ+ laws terrifying. Talking further about the matter he spoke of his concerns about the lack of comfort in the country due to its orthodox environment.

Wherever he goes for race events, he speaks about the human rights issues over there in that country. His outspoken behavior and Lewis Hamilton’s affection for fashion might have sparked these rumors in the first place. This is why people have been asking Is Lewis Hamilton Gay?

Who is Lewis Hamilton?

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His full name is Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton. Born on 7 January 1985 he is a British Racing driver and competes for Mercedes in Formula One races. In his career so far, he has won 7 joint records and holds the records for most wins numbering up to 103 pole positions and 183 podium finishes.

He is a person known for his fashion taste, his accessories, and his penchant for wearing trendy outfits. In Lewis’ opinion he is outspoken and dares to call out the wrong in the counties he visits as part of his racing commitments.

Due to his global following which even extends to a broader audience outside the sports world, he is credited for the fame of Formula One internationally. This could be due to his lavish lifestyle, social activism, environmental defense, and his exploits in the fashion and music industry.

He is a well know figure when it comes to activism regarding anti-racism and support for diversity in the motorsports industry. Because of his contribution, fame, and following, Times included him in the 100 most influential people globally in its 2020 issue.

More About Lewis Hamilton

In the year 2022, it is believed that Lewis is single and is not dating anyone. He has been linked to many famous names like Rihanna, Winnie Harlow, Nicki Minaj, Kendall Jenner, and Winnie Harlow. He previously dated Nicole Scherzinger the Pussycat Dolls singer on and off for about seven years.

There were even rumors of the two being engaged, but he has not married. Moreover, he is a great fan of Arsenal. He even has a tattoo dedicated to the club. He has more than 27.7 million followers on Instagram and there his bio says, he lives a plant-based life and he is living his purpose.

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So if you were asking Is Lewis Hamilton Gay, we here have tried to give you as much information regarding this topic as it is available out of his personal life. Moreover, we shared who he is and what he is known for.

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