Who is Keiko Fujimoto? Where is She Now?

Know to the public as the ex-wife of the infamous business person Ramesh Balwani, the Japanese-American artist Keiko Fujimoto was in the spotlight a while ago. Her popularity soared as the former wife of Ramesh who at one point was the president and the Chief Operating Officer of Theranos.

At one point, she was the Chief Executive Officer and the president of the same company that her ex-husband worked for. He has faced a deluge of criticism for his company’s bizarre and controversial claims.

His name is making rounds in the media as the government agencies, health companies, patients and other affected people are taking him to court for illegal practices and even for abusing his girlfriend the founder of Theranos, an American medical technology company as it claimed.

Who is Keiko Fujimoto?

Image of Keiko Fujimoto

Before becoming the wife of Ramesh (Sunny) Balwani, she was an artist. But later marrying the man she became a person with fans and a following. She was a well-known name in the Japanese Television Industry. While she was married to the man until December 2022, the coupled lived a happy and luxurious life in San Francisco.

With her ex getting deep into the mud of trouble over the time, she started to avoid the limelight and lives a private life away from the prying eyes of the Media. This is why there is no news about her current life and her whereabouts.

The only authentic information about her is that after separating from her husband, she moved back to Japan and there is no further information that could be proved with evidence about her.

The beautiful Keiko Fujimoto started her career by working for TV which could still be accessed online. While her LinkedIn profile has not been active, and the last update came five years ago. Keiko appeared in “Takajin Mune Ippai’, a TV series from Japan in 1994.

More About Keiko Fujimoto

After appearing on Television as an actress, Keiko became an announcer and reached the apex of her career due to her oratory skills and performance. The last documented appearance from Miss Fujimoto was as an announcer for ‘Unfair’ a mini-series.

Borne and raised in Japan, she moved to the United States of America after marrying Ramesh Balwani and lived here even after divorce in the city of Sans Francisco. Later, she moved back to her home country and started living a private life, away from the media.

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Keiko Fujimoto a famous artist and announcer from Japan married a businessperson of South Asian descent living in the United States of America. With the lawsuits being launched against her former husband people are trying to find out whether she is still in contact with him or not. So here we shared all that is authentic information.

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