What Is Kia Challenge On TikTok? Why Its In the News Explained

Are you wondering about the Kia challenge on TikTok? As it is in the headlines for some wrong reasons in the last few days and many people are reporting the Tiktoks related to this challenge but why? Don’t worry we are here with all the details and answers.

TikTok is been in the spotlight for many controversies and challenges that put the attempter in danger. This particular challenge is also one of those which has affected a human. Therefore, it has been the news in the print media as well as on social media.

This video-sharing platform is unstoppable when it comes to making a challenge, trend, or concept an overnight sensation. Sometimes people miss using this ability of the platform by making videos doing dangerous and bizarre stuff.  

Kia Challenge on TikTok

The Kia TikTok challenge is under huge criticism after an Indiana woman falls victim to this ridiculous task gone wrong. The challenge is about trying to turn on the KIA car just by using a USB cable and telling people that people do not need to start the engine.

Before the controversy, many content creators tried this challenge and posted videos related to it. The video accumulated millions of views on the platform as it seemed a nice trick before the incident occurred with Alissa Smart a young lady belonging from Indiana.

The TV channels reported this news and as per fox 59, Alissa Smart revealed that she had fallen victim to the Kia challenge and realized this after her niece woke her up to tell her that her car had been broken into pieces. She also filed a police report and told the suspects could be teenagers as they stole bicycles and Mountain Dew from her parent’s garage.

After that, the users stopped making videos but due to the controversy, the viewership has been increased of the previously made videos. People are searching for videos all over the internet and hashtags like #KiaChallenge are trending at the moment.

Few people are also reporting the challenged content and are asking to delete the videos in which people are attempting this trendy challenge. That’s why in the below section we will provide a procedure to report these kinds of TikToks.

How to Report Videos on TikTok

How to Report Videos on TikTok

Those who are not interested in promoting risky stuff like this particular trend should report the content whenever they see it on the platform. This applies to every risky and dangerous challenge people do to earn some likes.

  1. Firstly, open that video and click/tap on the white arrow to the right of the video
  2. Now click/tap the icon labeled Report consisting of a flag symbol
  3. Finally, choose an option related to the video like for this one you can select illegal activities and then just report the TikTok

This is how you can use the power of the report button to stop promoting these kinds of concepts that put the lives of a human in danger. TikTok can give you unexpected fame in a matter of minutes but doing activities like this must be avoided.

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Final Words

People do crazy things to get some likes and comments without thinking it the repercussions if it goes wrong. The Kia challenge on TikTok is a great example of that why use USB when you have the key. That’s all if you have any comments post them in the below section.

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