Kinnporsche The Series Episode 6: Release Date, Spoiler & More

Kinnporsche episode 5 may have left you wondering what is going to happen next in this famous action-packed Thai sitcom. Therefore, we are here with the Kinnporsche the Series Episode 6 in which you will get to know spoilers, news, dates, and much more.

Kinnporsche is a very popular Thai action drama romance television series followed by a massive audience from all over the world. Its story is based on a web novel of the same name and it is the kind of story that always keeps a person on edge of his seat.

The cast includes Phakphum Romsaithong (Mile) and Nattawin Wattanagitiphat (Apo) in the lead roles of Kinn & Porsche. The story is about Porsche as he finds himself drawn into the crime world mafia that is run by Kinn and his father.

Kinnporsche The Series Episode 6

Kinnporsche is a must-watch series if you are a fan of thrilling action, dramatic twists & turns, and emotional romance. If you are a follower of this fascinating sitcom then check all the details, release date, spoilers, etc.

Episode 5 ended with a lot of questions to be answered and fans are very curious about the upcoming 6th installment. In the previous installment, Kinn’s father urged him to take a decision regarding the Porsche situation and don’t let feelings get in the way.

Porsche looks very confused about the feeling toward Kinn. On other hand, Kinn punished him for his negligence after instructions given by his father. Korn also tells Porsche to leave within a week as Kinn told him to make up his mind about being his bodyguard.

Kinnporsche The Series Episode 6 Spoiler

As things are heading towards interesting stages in this compelling drama sitcom big turns are expected to happen in episode six. Here are some spoilers that going to happen in the 6th episode.

  • Kinn & Porsche are going to be attacked and tied together in a bus
  • They will try to fight back by beating the attackers
  • When kinn’s father tries to rescue them and found the bus, it was empty
  • Korn also orders to search the whole place and bring back both safely to him

So, the tables going to turn in the upcoming episode of this thrilling sitcom. Clearly, you are going to see so many action and drama scenes. Where did Porsche and Kinn go? You will also get the answer to this query as well.

Kinnporsche The Series Episode 6 Release Date

You can watch this episode of Kinnporche on various platforms on 14th May 2022. In Thailand, it will be aired at 11:00 PM on one31 local channel. In case you want to watch Kinnporsche The Series Episode 6 Eng Sub Heading availability stream iQIYI on Saturday at 2:00 AM Japanese Time.

Kinnporsche The Series Episode 6 Release Date

iQIYI will webcast this installment on its official website for free. So, don’t miss the amazing action and drama who knows romance between Kinn & Porsche will their too.

How to Watch Kinnporsche The Series Episode 6

Here you are going to learn the ways to watch this particular installment and enjoy the thrill of this popular Thai sitcom. Remember the Thailanders can watch it on one31 local channel at 11.00 pm. If you are not from Thailand just follow the listed steps.

  1. Visit the iQIYI website as it will webcast the episode after it is aired on local channels
  2. Now on the homepage, you will many sitcoms, seasons, and more. Check if this sitcom is available on the homepage or not
  3. If it is not available go to the Search bar and type Kinnporsche in it. After that hit the enter button
  4. This series will appear on the screen, click on that and then on episode 6 to watch it.

In this way, people outside Thailand can enjoy the upcoming installment of this particular series.

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Well, Kinnporsche The Series Episode 6 going to be full of thrills and action-packed moments. Here you have learned all the details regarding it. That’s all for this post, hope you enjoy reading it.

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