What is Kiss Rainbow TikTok Trend? Meaning Explained

Anything could go viral on social media nowadays. It could be a cute kitten, an infatuated couple, or just a person walking down the isle. This time Kiss Rainbow TikTok is gaining attraction from the netizens. But not all know what it is.

So much is happening online nowadays, that it is not possible to be pre-cognizant about all that is circulating online. Especially on social media platforms like TikTok, it is even more difficult to be the master oracle, especially if you are innocent.

So, if you too are seeing this term off and on your social media profile and have been confused by it. Here we are with the full explanation. We will tell you what it actually is and what is the meaning behind this seemingly familiar but nasty term. But let us warn you, this is not for all. Move ahead only if you are sure, you will be fine with whatever you read.

Kiss Rainbow TikTok Hilarious or Gross

Image of Kiss Rainbow TikTok

Well, for starters it is something gross and most of the people who already know it, are in shock and feel disgusted. This bizarre and adult trend is somewhat repulsive and hilarious at the same time. Nevertheless, it has managed to garner more than eight million TikToks as of this writing.

If you are not treading heads-up, we warn you, you will definitely be caught off-guard.  So for sensitive people, we appeal to avoid it if you are triggered easily by explicit content and its explanations. If you are sure and will be fine at the end of this article, you are welcome to keep reading.

At the same time, the best part of this trend is that you are not asked to perform this kiss. It is just that you are to give a reaction after an activity.

What is Kiss Rainbow TikTok?

Well, it is a bit convoluted to start with. For beginners, if you want to be part of this trend, you will have to first google the term ‘Rainbow Kiss’ and record your reaction before and after you get to know the meaning.

From what we have seen, the reactions of those who have gone through the process are not that much pleasant. So most of them appear shocked and traumatized. Some even show exaggerated skits to show the amount of horror and cringe they feel when they find out the meaning.

So basically, this is not a creative-based trend from TikTok, rather it is a reaction-based as it attempts to show the people the reaction a common person will show when they find something disgusting. As it is less demanding on the creativity side and more about the reaction a flood of people are participating here.

For this reason, the trend is garnering more and more attention as the curiosity gets the best of the human mind and people willingly or unwillingly want to know what exactly this is. So all of us will google something if someone especially tells us not to.

Kiss Rainbow TikTok Meaning

Cringe! Cringe! Cringe!

Want to move ahead? We suggest you to record your face right now. So that you can post a video later when you have read the following paragraphs. Good luck! Because if you are thinking this is an LGBTQ+ term for a cuddle or a lip to lip embrace you cannot be more wrong.

The rainbow kiss is actually an exchange of menstrual blood and semen between a woman and a man during the copulation via the kissing.

The cringe comes from the fact that this act is so unhygienic and for sure unsafe exchange and intake of blood. At the same time, it suggests that the woman must contribute to this action by bringing semen in her mouth that she has collected from the man.

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If you made it out this far, congratulations, you are ready to post your reaction for the Kiss Rainbow TikTok. Fortunately, we are not asked to act the kiss but just share our reaction which is a relief, to be honest. Time to ask your followers now.

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