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Everyone needs money. The lucky draws, if the gods of wealth are shining on your fate, can earn you large sums of easy money. This is why such ventures are extremely popular among the general populace, where they try their luck every day.

Here we are talking about the Kolkata Fatafat, which is the actual name of this game you are interested in. It is played in West Bengal and is popular in the capital city of the state. So the whole process is online and you don’t have to pay a visit to an office etc.

What is Kolkata FF

Before dwelling in to results for today, let’s talk about the topic at hand. This is a very popular game where anyone with access to the online world can try their luck. Over time the number of people coming and engaging in this fun and lucrative activity has been only increasing.

This is an online-lottery numbers draw where you can invest INR 8 or 6 for each lottery win that can reach crores each day. Here you have to pick the right number only. It constitutes total of 8 bets each day for 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday, while on Sunday it is just 4 bets.

Kolkata Fatafat has become very popular where thousands of new entrants test their luck in the online results while others look for the best tips and tricks to increase their chances of winning.

Not just results today, even for past days you can see the update releases by the official owners of fatafat.

It is a lottery game and here the only thing you need to do is to guess the winning number. You can pick from the whole lot and out of them some will be the winning numbers. So any guess could be the correct number thus making you the winner.

But, the work on the official side is not done by individuals instead it is selected by the computer. Thus the conventional methods to take the trophy home might not work here and you will have to have a great experience if you want to be the winner next time.

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Kolkata FF Results Today

Kolkata FF Results today are immediately made available online that can be accessed by the players who generally take part in the game. The list can be visited at any time and from anywhere.

The only restraint is that you have to be from Kolkata in order to participate and make any winning amount. If you are in this city, you can play on all days in a given week could be eight times each day and 4 times on Sunday only.

The timing of the draw can be checked from the list down here in the table.

Fatafat Result Timing

1st Round10:25 am
2nd Round11:55 am
3rd Round01:23 pm
4th Round02:55 pm
5th Round04:03 pm
6th Round05:55 pm
7th Round07:25 pm
8th Round08: 55 pm

The runners of this draw offer some great rewards for the competitors. This is all cash amount that can entice anyone who sees the figures. A total of five positions are eligible for cash prizes that are as follows. 1 crore, 9000, 500, 250, and 120 INR.

How to Check Kolkata FF Results

Here are the steps to easily check the results for Kolkata FF

Finding Official Site

Visit the official website that is www.kolkataff.com

Tracking FF Results

Look for “Kolkata FF Results” or “ Baazi result” instead

Listing Results

When you click on the option a new page will open which contains the list of all the winning numbers

Checking Results

Compare the number you calculate to those figures in the results list. If they coincide, congratulation! You are the winner.

Kolkata FF Free Tips

In this play of pure luck are there any tips today that you can use or implement to ensure your winning? Well, to be frank, there are no outright rules or tips that can give you a 100% probability of winning today.

You can find a crowd of people on social media, online blogs, and YouTube videos, who pretend to have cracked the inner workings of the game. But let me tell you, it is all nonsense to gain fans and following.

The guess of any of these so-called gurus is as strong as your own conviction on a given day. So you don’t have to follow any of these people who are there to dupe the ordinary citizens and make money out of others’ ignorance.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for the Kolkata FF result today and compare them with the online results from past, there could be a chance of making a close guess. By looking at all the data and applying some analysis, you can get closer.

Today’s Tip

So to shorten the long talk about Kolkata FF tips SM, the whole philosophy of winning or increasing your chance is based on your own knowledge and use of your brain. Do not fall for the chicanery of people out there who themselves are clueless and earning their bread from deceit.


All about Kolkata FF results today, Kolkata FF free tips today, and Kolkata FF tips SM are discussed here today. Since it is all about chance and luck, playing the game could be risky, so take the steps if you are not afraid of losing.

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