M Ration Mitra App: Guide

M Ration Mitra is an application made by Food and Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection of Madya Pradesh. It is a portal that provides various services to the citizens of Madya Pradesh. Users can register complaints about the food, civil supplies, and Consumer Protection.

This department works under the supervision of the government of India and provides many essential services to the people who live under the poverty line. The FCSCPMP initiates different programs to facilitate these people.

This application is built in association with the NIC Bhopal MP government for the people of Madya Pradesh. This is a platform where people will get all the information and notifications about new programs, activities, and facilities the MP government is offering.

M Ration Mitra

Using this app people will get information about their Ration Card and FPS Shop. The quota Card is an access card to acquire goods, food, and several other important things from the government. It is basically for those who can’t afford to eat two meals a day.

FPS shop is a shop containing goods, food, and other necessary ingredients of life. First, you have to register yourself to avails these things through this application and to apply for a ration card you can use this app as well.

People can add their Aadhar Card information and of their family members and acquire quota from the FPS Shop according to the number of family members. Users can also add their contact details and Patrata Parchi.

You can check all the details of the new ration card list online using this app. It tries to provide all kinds of facilities to lower-middle-class families from all across Madya Pradesh. Old people belonging to this category can apply for pensions as well.

M Ration Mitra APK

M ration Mitra App Details

Using this M Ration Mitra application people can MP BPL family list online and also can register themselves for this service. Users can check the District wise MP BPL registrars list and local registered BPL families.

It offers the facility to download and print the MP Samagra BPL Card and access the MP Ration Card Samagra ID online. Users can track the BPL status online through this APK and stay informed about all the important notifications.

There are three types of quota cards which include APL, AAY, and BPL issued by the government of Madya Pradesh. You can get all the details about all three and register your families to acquire the facilitations available in programs.

M Ration Mitra Download

In this section of the article, we are going to list the steps to download the M Ration Mitra Android application. The procedure is very simple like any other application so, just follow the steps to install this app easily.

  1. Firstly, go to the Google Play store on your android devices
  2. Now search for it using its name
  3. The application will appear on your android screens so, to install it tap the install button
  4. Give all the permission it requires to enable full functionalities and to get notifications about the latest developments

In case you don’t find it on the Google Play Store, just search for it in a web browser using its name. you will find many websites that have the M Ration Mitra Apk. Open any website and allow 3rd party installation from the mobile settings to install it.

So, to get your hands on this utility application with all the great features we discussed above, follow the procedure.

The is a brilliant platform for the people of Madya Pradesh and especially for those who belong to the lower-middle-class. This application has many more amazing features which are listed below.

Main Features

  • This app is free and easy to use for a local citizen that is available in the Hindi language
  • Notifies people about the new programs and quota lists
  • Allows a user to register any complaints about the food, civil services, consumer protection, ration cards, and public services that run by the MP government
  • Users can easily download cards, documents, and notifications available on the app
  • It offers Hero slide Welfare Institution and Hostel Scheme Management System details and you can apply for it using this app
  • The interfaces and forms submission systems are user-friendly
  • Many more

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Well, M Ration Mitra is a full-fledged application developed by MP and NIC Bhopal to facilitate many lower-class families all across the Madya Pradesh State of India.  

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