Manok Na Pula New Update: Download Link & Important Details

Manok Na Pula recently released a new update along with some exciting features. Therefore, we are here with all the details of this specific upgrade and the download link for the Manok Na Pula New Update. The game is very famous and offers fun-filled gameplay.

It is developed by the Tatay Games and the recent update came on the 18th of May 2022. The gaming adventure is all about chicken fighting and players have various chickens to choose from along with unique sets of skills.

It is a multiplayer chicken fighting experience available for various platforms such as Android, iOS, and several others. It is one of the popular casual games that crossed 5 million downloads across various platforms and is currently sitting in the Top 5 charts in this specific category.

Manok Na Pula New Update

The developers have fixed many bugs and glitches in the recently released update. The are several improvements made and features added to this fascinating chicken combat. If you are wondering what these additions and bug fixes are check the list given below.

Main Changes in Manok Na Pula New Update

  • The developer has fixed the cloud saving issue
  • The server is full problem is also been resolved
  • Developer has added the option of rewarding the players manually through the user ID
  • To keep the balance and avoid cheating the developer has added a Penalty who commits AFK
  • Many bugs are fixed to keep game balance and avoid glitches
  • Added Cloud Saving option with improvements
  • There are 8 new chickens in the shop to buy available at the in-app store
  • 5 new places are also added to the game
  • A new game mode called Hatch The Egg is available in this new update
  • There will be daily based rewards for the players in this new update
  • Another great news for the players is that some of the prices of the chickens are lowered

 This is the list of what has been improved and added with the arrival of the new updated version.

What is Manok Na Pula?

What is Manok Na Pula

The chicken fight is always interesting in real life as is in this gaming experience. Players are given a chicken to fight against other chickens. With each passing level, the challenges get harder, and players have to upgrade their chickens.

There are many chickens available at the shop and players can buy them using the in-game currency. Every chicken is different attack power, HP, critical chance, and defense. The levels will gradually unlock when you complete the presently unlocked challenges.

Here is the list of the main features of this particular game.

Main Features

  • It comes with user-friendly interfaces
  • It is free to play and available on various platforms
  • The installation process is very easy
  • It comes with an in-app store along with items and resources that can use while playing
  • Several game modes are available to enjoy
  • Different locations are also part of the adventure to explore
  • Players can check their stats in the best button available in the main menu
  • Many More

This is the list of key features part of this amazing adventure to enjoy.

How to Download Manok Na Pula New Update

How to Download Manok Na Pula New Update

Here we are going to present step by step procedure to download and install this compelling gaming experience. Just follow the steps and execute them to play this updated version of the game.

Step 1

Firstly, open the play store app on a particular android or iOS device.

Step 2

Now if you are an Android user then tap on this link to install Manok Na Pula to go to the installation page. If you are an iOS user search for it using the name and tap the enter button.

Step 3

Once the installation page is open, click on the install to download the application and wait a little bit.

Step 5

Lastly, after installation is complete tap on play to enjoy the gaming adventure.

This is how you can download and play this gaming app’s new update and relish the new features. Note that if you are an android user then your device must have 2GB RAM and at least an android 5.5 version on your device.

The application is 68 MB in size so it does not require massive storage space. Keep visiting our website to read more news related to apps and games.

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Final Words

Well, we have provided all the information and details regarding the Manok Na Pula New Update. The procedure for downloading this gaming app is also provided as well. That’s all for this article, do comment with any suggestions in the comment section.

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