Murder Mystery 3 Codes 2023 (January & February) Get Fine Rewards

Have you been looking for the working Murder Mystery 3 Codes? Then stay here as we have compiled a collection of the latest codes for Murder Mystery 3 Roblox. The players can get weapons, equipment, and other handful items without spending any penny.

Murder Mystery 3 (MM3) is a popular gaming experience developed by AP SocialSoft. The game will test your investigation skills and give you chance to be a top detective. It is a sequel to the well-known Roblox game Murder Mystery 2: A Criminal Case.

In this Roblox adventure, players get to play as sheriffs, killers, and innocents. If you are playing as a killer, you will need to eliminate all the other players. If you are playing as a sheriff, you will need to eliminate the killer. Those who play as innocents need to hide and avoid being slain by the killer.

What are Murder Mystery 3 Codes

In this article, you will learn about all the working Murder Mystery 3 Codes 2023 with information related to the associated rewards. The MM3 codes new can get you some of the finest in-game resources and items such as Chroma Kinetic Staff, Heart Axe, Icebreaker, Santa’s Cat Pet, etc.

Redeeming codes give you access to free resources and items in the game. An alpha-numeric redemption code is provided by the developer and consists of both alpha and numeric digits. Game creators release it through social media using the game’s handles from time to time.

It’s a sequel to the popular game with a new number at the end with a number of features that make it a must-have for any gamer. Continuing in the criminal world, you will explore all the possible crime scene scenarios.

It seems that almost every game offers rewards for completing missions and levels, and this game is no exception. But with the codes, you can get some in-game items for free. As you play the game, you can use the rewards to improve your overall gameplay.

Murder Mystery 3 Codes 2023 (January & February)

Here are all the MM3 Codes 2023 along with the rewards associated with each one of them.

Active Codes List

  • R3TURN – Redeem Code for Box Cutter Knife
  • B0X – Redeem Code for Box Cutter Knife
  • P1ZZ4 – free rewards
  • FR33 – Teal Scythe
  • P0T4T0 – Potato Knife
  • UPD4T3 – free rewards
  • !$LUCKY$! – set of knives
  • S1L – free rewards
  • LUG3R – Blue Luger
  • $!C3LT1C!$ – Celtic Sword
  • !T3N! – 10M Knife
  • INF3RN10 – Infernal Axe
  • INF3RN4L – Infernal Axe & Soul Knives
  • M1DN1GHT – Midnight Scythe
  • $!BL4Z3$! – Dragon’s Blaze Knife
  • LUCK3Y – Lucy Axe
  • $!CR1MS0N!$ – Crimson Trident
  • ATHZEAISCOOL – Cupid’s Slayer
  • D4RK!ED – Darksteel Knife
  • P1ZZ4 – Pizza Sword
  • PH4R40H – Pharoh’s slayer
  • !R3D!! – Red Venom
  • SK311! – free rewards
  • GH05T – free rewards
  • @[email protected] – free rewards
  • c4rd1s – Deck of Cards
  • PR1S0N3D – Blood Scythe
  • CHR0M4 – free rewards
  • V4P0R – free rewards
  • 3DG3D – Void Scythe
  • CH40Z – Athezea’s Chaos Edge
  • !D4G! – Dagger of Dimensions
  • Y3P! – Pegasus Pet
  • N00B3Y – Oof effect
  • [email protected]@ – Admin Gun
  • WINTER – Candy Spirit Knife
  • PDJ – PDJ Knife
  • S3N – Sen Knife
  • R41N – Rainbow Set
  • MM3RETURN – Green Heart Balloon
  • TH0R – Thor’s Hammer
  • H3LH4MM2R3D – free rewards
  • TURK3Y – Turkey Knife
  • FR33C0D3 – Chroma Kinetic Staff
  • 3MP – Chroma Kinetic Staff
  • JR – Chroma Kinetic Staff
  • W1Z4D – Chroma Kinetic Staff
  • FR33C0D3 – Chroma Kinetic Staff
  • V4L3N – Heart Axe
  • !DUCK! – Duck Knife Skin
  • LOLPOP – free rewards
  • D34TH – free rewards
  • P1ZZ4! – free rewards
  • 4000 – Chroma
  • PINK – Icebreaker
  • CHROMA4U – Chromalized Gem
  • !H0LID4Y! – Christmas Wand
  • H0L1D4Y – Santa’s Cat Pet
  • TH4NK5! – Chroma Initiate
  • BAGUETTE – Baguette
  • EDW4RD – set of Big Scissors
  • !CHR0M4LIF3! – Chroma Slayer Sword
  • !F0R3V3RUSA! – USA Knife
  • G4L4XY! – Galaxy Saber
  • UEY743 – Santa’s Cat Pet
  • OM837B – Mercy Knife
  • !SH4RK! – Mercy Knife
  • UEY743 – Mercy Knife
  • NU47H7 – Mercy Knife
  • IMASBN37 – Mercy
  • FR33! – Mercy Knife
  • DR4G0N5 – free rewards
  • T1NY – Pink Mini Hammer
  • SK00L – free rewards
  • S0RR0W – Blade of Sorrow
  • CH13F – Chief Gavel
  • SL1C3R0 – free rewards
  • H1DD3N – Hidden Sparkletime Pet
  • C01L – Chroma Coil

Expired Codes List

  • GIFT
  • MINT

How to Redeem Murder Mystery 3 Codes

How to Redeem Murder Mystery 3 Codes

Here is the way to redeem codes in this fascinating game.

Step 1

Open Murder Mystery 3 on your device.

Step 2

Once the game is fully loaded, click on the Twitter icon on the side of the screen.

Step 3

Then type a code into the “Enter Code” text box or copy it from the above list and put it in there.

Step 4

Lastly, press the Enter key on your keyboard to complete the process and acquire the freebies.

There is a time limit on the validity of these Murder Mystery 3 Codes, and once the time limit has expired, they will expire. After a certain number of redemptions, the alphanumeric code is no longer redeemable. It is therefore important to use them as soon as possible.

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In the Murder Mystery 3 Codes collection, you’ll find some amazing in-app rewards that you can obtain by following the steps mentioned above. As a player, it will enhance your experience and speed up the leveling process.

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