One Piece Spoiler 1052: Should We Worry For Luffy?

You might have heard it already, none of us can wait for what is coming in a week’s break from our favorite anime One Piece. To satiate our thirst, it is the One Piece Spoiler 1052 that we can rely on.

Even the official translation for the previous chapter i.e. 1051 is not out yet, still, we cannot help but ask for some help from fellow readers about what we could expect in the next chapter.

With a leaked editor’s note, there is so much that could be anticipated for the episode. As cliffhangers are the defining feature of every other chapter in this story, they want us to go down this road themselves.

The One Piece Spoiler 1052

Image of One Piece Spoiler 1052

Since you are here for the spoiler, let me tell you, if you have not heard it already, that there is a leaked note from the editor regarding the chapter 1051 which is hinting at a situation where Luffy is more injured than what we assumed previously in the aftermath of the battle.

We know the situation of Kaido, but as the fans, we cannot help but anticipate a comeback by this character. We hope Kaido stands back and shows us there is still hope. As of now, there is no exact spoiler to share.

But the editors’ note is here to help us move in a direction already. This is suggesting that there could be a major issue with Luffy in chapter 1052 and in the subsequent chapters.

What Could We Expect?

Many fans with the proliferous imagination had thought that Gear Fifth put immense pressure on our great protagonist’s heart. This assumption came from certain moments during the fighting with Kaido putting pressure on the heart.

And the issues with the power-ups beforehand suggested that this was the case indeed. As Gear Second affected his heart health, it further strengthened this idea. In the meantime, the Gear Fourth also took a toll on his overall health status, especially affecting his vital organ of heart. But this is still not verified.

What this leak suggests is that, indeed this time, the injuries inflicted this time are more severe than previously thought, unlike what one could expect from the MC of the story to come out unscathed after a battle.

As you know the Gear Fifth is an extremely powerful form, and Oda will obviously try to deter its use at every possible opportunity. Resultantly, the next problems in the wake of its use will be stronger and more sever for Luffy.

Now the fans, based on this are having their own theories about it. They think as it is about Luffy himself, there could be consequences regarding it, indeed stronger ones.

Some believe, they could be related to the Devil Fruit or his body. This could mean in Chapter 1052 and beyond, Luffy being unable to use his powers coming from Devil Fruit for a specific period of time.

Taking the One Piece Spoiler 1052 a further step ahead some are already mentioning that he is in an injured state and currently resting after the fight. This means whatever other consequences there are and whatever is coming next, it must be stronger than before.

One Piece Spoiler 1052: The Things Going to Happen

Lie Yu kicks Shirou while on the knees. He, obviously, is very angry. Lei Yu’s right hand held the king with a single jade hand left while still eaten by shadows. At this time, the scary back shadow hits and Lei Yu sees it hitting everywhere.

The King’s Gold Card, Darkening Altria! was the last card of Zhongcai taken out by Lei Yu.

System: ‘Ding! Master has received a blue noble Tezuka Kunimitsu skill card. Congratulations!’

As you know a rare card is also a skill card. At this time, Lei Yu just wants only wants to draw the legendary World Card. How long can that take Lei Yu to finish this four-weekly mission if he fails to draw the legendary world card?

To get strength in a short time, the best way is to stop playing the lottery. Lei Yu cannot help but choose the middle lottery while grinding his teeth.

One Piece Spoiler 1051


One Piece Spoiler 1052 hints at a more injured Luffy than previously assumed. This means there will be the consequences for him in this state. What do you think that could be? Tell us in the comments below.

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