One Thing About Me TikTok Explained Insights, Origin, & More

The One Thing About Me TikTok is one of the latest trends in the video-sharing platform TikTok that is madly followed by platform users. You will get to know all the details regarding this trend, its meaning, and the reasons behind it getting viral.

Every week there is a new trend on this platform attracting the audience and making them attempt it their own way. This is another viral concept content creators are using to show unique attributes they carry and an activity they tend to do regularly.

Recently trends like ‘I’m So Lucky Picture’, Locked Up, Emoji Acting Challenge, and several others have dominated in terms of getting views. Now One Thing About Me is trending on TikTok & Twitter and has accumulated millions of views.

What is One Thing About Me TikTok

Nicki Minaj’s current hit song “Super Freaky Girl” is buzzing and it is one of the top songs of recent times. TikTok users are embracing it by using it in the One Thing About Me Meme Trend to describe the wildest stories they have gone through in life.

The TikTokers including celebrities have started following the style used by Nicky in the One Thing About Me song’s video. It starts with the creators saying “one thing about me” and start doing a rap about the wildest experiences that occurred in their life.


I luv this trend, pls keep telling me about your awful childhoods via Super Freaky Girl #storytime #childhoodstory #funny #funnystory #publicschool #fyp

♬ Super Freaky Girl – Nicki Minaj

More than 55,000 clips are available on the TikTok of people attempting this viral concept. A lot of people share the videos on TikTok and Snapchat as well. Some videos are watched millions of times in a short span of time.

A TikToker with user handle @jcubedhax sharing a funny school story with photo evidence has been watched 1.7 million times until now. Likewise, a user called Sierra Anna used this meme concept to call out the fatphobic haters that have already accumulated 25k views within a few days.

Origin of One Thing About Me TikTok Trend


I love this trend but I hope my husband didn’t hear me record this #paranormal #onethingaboutme #medium #ghost #spiritual #mom #ghoststory #haunted #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – Kiki

As per the information related to its history, it was the first made by the user @bugeater1101 back in January 2021. The video went viral in April 2022 after many people shared it on various social media accounts.

It was rapidly spread all over the internet and people started making clips of their own. In the video, you will witness some soft jazz music playing in the background. Well, if you don’t know how to be part of the trend then read the instructions below.

How to Participate in This One Thing About Me Meme Trend?

Screenshot of One Thing About Me TikTok

Well, the process is simple, just think about a weird experience or use a humorous tale that you thought is worth sharing and make a video of it by following the trend. Use the Super Freaky Girl as your background music and lip sync to “One thing about me” while recording the video.

Afterward, share the video with your friend. Some people use their own lyrics to define a certain situation and you can do the same. That’s how you can be part of the popular The One Thing About Me TikTok trend.

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Final Verdict

TikTok is home to many famous trends you come across on social platforms and this one currently is one of the top-rated ones. Surely now you have understood the meaning of One Thing About Me TikTok as we have presented all the details and insights related to this trend.

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