Can You Open CRDOWNLOAD File?

Chrome web browser can make us curious many times. If you are a user too and are looking to open CRDOWNLOAD file, thinking what it is and how to open it and whether you should, you have come to the right place.

While online for reasons other than using a social media application, it is most probably we are surfing the net using a web browser. This browser is our window to the online world.

Using this tool we can connect to the vast ocean which has literally everything. Talk of internet surfing, whether it is an expert or a new entrant, by default we all use Chrome. Are you too asking the question given below?

What is a CRDOWNLOAD File

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As we said, thanks to Google or not, Chrome is our default browser. Unless you are already emotionally attached to another tool with a similar purpose, most likely you are going to live by using the default option pushed by the search engine giant.

So while we are online and while our Google Chrome is open, we use it not just to visit different websites. Sometimes, we are here to get some software, a song, a document, or a movie. We want them so bad that it becomes necessary for us to save them on our device memory.

In such a case what do we do generally? We download that file. If you are not using dedicated software for this purpose. Your Chrome takes up the responsibility and gets it for you on your Windows, Mac, or Android device.

While Chrome is doing this for us, we see an unusual file with dot crdownload extension in our folder. This is a temp file, or what we commonly call a temporary file.

Temporary files are created by the operating system whether it is your PC, laptop, or mobile phone when it is running a program or creating or changing a permanent file.

A file with this extension is called the Chrome Partial Download file. If you have one in front of you, it means the download is still in progress.

Should You Open CRDOWNLOAD File

This is the most important question. As so many users of this app or tool could face this existential question many times in their lifetimes.

The answer is quite simple and at the same time, not that simple to put it in a few words and end this article right here. For this, we have to dwell a bit deep here.

So let’s talk first about the simple answer. It is that you can open it but it will take you nowhere and it will not affect your system working in any way if you do.

This file is the tangible evidence of ongoing unfinished activity on your device and until that activity is finished it will be there to haunt you with its existence. Yet, all is not as eerie as you think.

The partial download is there to tell you that either that music, video, software, or the document is still getting downloaded or the process has stopped at some point and it is not complete, thus the name partial.

In the first case, if you let the process take its course and let the download complete, this file, with the .crdownload extension, will metamorphose into the complete file you were intending to get in the first place.

So if you are downloading a music video in mp4 format, the file in your device folder will include the name of the item, its format, and this extension e.g. XYZ.mp4.crdownload or it could be uconfimred1234.crdownload.

Later, when it is fully downloaded, you will see the name XYZ.mp4 only in your folder.

How to open CRDOWNLOAD file

Now let’s talk about the complex part of the answer. The open CRDOWNLOAD file will not work with any program because this is just a temporary existence created by the Chrome browser.

If the process has halted or is still in progress. You can use this extension carrying file for a few things. But let us tell you, this only works with a file that has a start and end. Such as a song item, a movie, or a music video, which have a definite start, middle, and end.

But if you are trying to open an image, an archive, a document, or any other format, it will not work and just prompt an error on your screen to annoy you.

In the first case, you can simply drag and drop the item with this long extension and enjoy that part, which has been downloaded so far or in total. At the same time, you can remove the chrome added extension and save it with the original name and try again as shown in the image below.

Image of How to open CRDOWNLOAD file

But if you really want that item to work. The best and the standard operating procedure is to let the downloading complete or resume or restart it if it is interrupted or paused at some point.

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If you want to open CRDOWNLOAD file it may not always work. So here we gave you the basic and all the relevant information that you need for understanding all the concepts and logic behind its existence, including what it is and how to open it.


  1. Is a CRDOWNLOAD file a virus?

    This depends on the original file. If your original download file is virus-free, this file is safe as well. If it is not, the same will be the nature of CRDOWNLOAD.

  2. Can you fix a CRDOWNLOAD file?

    The best way is to resume or refresh the download and complete it. There is no other way to fix it.

  3. CRDOWNLOAD file cannot be deleted

    This is because the file is still in use, i.e. Google Chrome is still downloading the item. Either cancel the process or let it complete. You can delete it after canceling it.

  4. Can I Delete CRDOWNLOAD File?

    You can delete it by selecting the file and pressing the delete button on the keyboard, or right-click and look for the option to ‘Delete’ and select it.

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