Protein Bor Trend on TikTok Explained: Insights, Fine Points & Reactions

Another day another TikTok trend is running viral on social media so what is new in this one, here we will discuss the Protein Bor Trend on TikTok which has been in the spotlight recently. It is safe to say TikTok is becoming the most powerful social platform in the world as it is home to many viral trends on the Internet.

Every day a new video is grabbing the headlines in the world as is the case for this particular which is all about a 20-year-old Irishman and his fitness ideas. This guy has reached 100k followers within a few days after his Protein Bor fitness ideas went viral.

What is Protein Bor Trend on TikTok

You may have witnessed many videos related to bizarre food-eating trends on this platform but this has little sense to it. Recently there have been a lot of trends and challenges that went viral such as the Kia Challenge on TikTok, Put Your Shoes on Challenge, and several others.

Now add this trend as it has also accumulated a massive number of views on the platform and few users have shared the related videos on other social networking sites such as Twitter that making it a talking point all over the internet.

In this trend, a fitness influencer James Doyle presents various videos based on workouts and he also shares his opinion regarding protein products including supplements, yogurts, and the infamous Protein Bar.

Screenshot of Protein Bor Trend on TikTok

It is not the information he tells in the videos that is rambling around the internet it’s his accent and the way he pronounces Protein Bar. It more sounds like Protein Bor therefore the public noticed it and started commenting on it. Many people share the videos highlighting his pronunciation and the one with the Protein bar got 16.2 million views.

His fan following also increased immensely and from 6k followers, he now has more than 100 k followers on his TikTok account. The videos are available under the #GymTok where fitness freaks share their TikToks regarding workouts, food, and fitness tips.  

Protein Bor Trend on TikTok Meaning & Reactions

The protein Bor refers to the infamous Protein Bar and James Doyle a well-known TikToker has been seen pronouncing it Bor rather than bar. People who watched the video have noticed it and now it is trending on social platforms.  

The people enjoy James’s accent and pronunciation more than anything else that’s why you will see comments regarding it. One Twitter user @LisaWasWho twitted “Protein Bor on TikTok could be the most Irish thing to happen to any app in a long time.”

Reacting to his sudden rise in fame James stated that “I don’t know what to make of it… I didn’t mean for any of this to happen but keep it lit! We’re in motion.” He belongs from the town of Mullingar, Ireland, and has been working as a fitness influencer on social platforms for quite a while now.

He also stated in his reaction” I love the way everyone is commenting protein bor everywhere keep it up.” So, it appears he is very much enjoying the amazing rise in his popularity along with his followers and aims to provide more interesting content.

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Final Thoughts

Well, Protein Bor Trend on TikTok is not a mystery trend as we have presented all the insights and reasons behind it getting viral. We hope you enjoy the read and if you have anything to say the post just share the comments in the section below.

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