RH2 The Journey Codes May 2023 – Collect Useful Freebies

We will be providing all the latest RH2 The Journey Codes which you can use to get some useful items and resources for free. The new working codes for RH2 The Journey Roblox (Season 2) will help you redeem in-game currency RHC, reset tokens, and numerous other rewards.

RH2 The Journey is a well-known Roblox experience developed by BAX Studio. It offers a fascinating basketball playing experience for the users. It was first released in March 2021 on the platform since then it has over 38 million visits and a good number of regular players.

In this Roblox adventure, players will discover an all-inclusive system that helps them become the basketball player they’ve always dreamed of. Once you’ve created your player profile, you can challenge others in one-on-one matches or team up for exciting three-on-three games with your friends and other players.

What are RH2 The Journey Codes

In this post, you will find RH2 The Journey codes wiki in which you will learn about all the working codes for this game and the rewards associated with each one of them. Also, you will get to know the redeeming process you need to execute to obtain the freebies.

It is the game developer who issues alphanumeric combinations, commonly known as codes. There is no limit to how many freebies can be redeemed using each code. Your rewards are usually items and resources from the in-app store.

Redeeming them unlocks hidden characters, levels, currency, or other fruitful items that are normally unavailable in the game. It may be possible for you to acquire the abilities of the character in the game that you were always wishing you had but could not get it.

Roblox RH2 The Journey Codes 2023 May

Here are all the working RH2 The Journey Codes along with freebies associated with them.

Active Codes List

  • iloverh2_RHC – Redeem code for 10k RHC (NEW)
  • iloverh2_ResetToken – Redeem code for 2 Reset Tokens (NEW)
  • thanksFor8Mil_RHC – Redeem code for 5K RHC (NEW)
  • thanksFor8Mil_ResetToken – Redeem code for +1 Reset Token (NEW)
  • happyMothersDay_RHC – Redeem code for 5K RHC (NEW)

Expired Codes List

  • TY46MIL_Coins – 10K RHC
  • TY46MIL_Tokens – 2 Reset Tokens
  • TY46MIL_Points – 10 UPG Points
  • July4thCOINS – 10,000 RHC
  • July4thTOKEN – 4 Reset Tokens
  • July4thPOINTS – 10 Upgrade Points
  • HappyMonday10K – 10K Coins
  • APRILFOOLSrt – 2 Reset Tokens
  • TY_24KFavsCoins – 2,400 RHC
  • ThanksFor3MILVisitsCoins – 3,000 RHC
  • ThanksFor3MILVisitsResetToken – 3 Reset Tokens
  • Pre3MILVisitsCoins – 2k RHC
  • Pre3MILVisitsResetToken – 1 Reset Token
  • ThankYouForTheSupport – 2k RHC
  • ThanksFor2Mil – 5k RHC
  • THANKYOU41K – 10,000 Coins
  • RH2TheDelay – 1,000 Coins
  • Sorry4DelayRHC – 250 Coins
  • Sorry4DelayResetToken – 1 Build Reset Token
  • Sorry4DelayUpgradePoints – 10 Free Upgrade Points
  • DAMNREL – RH2 Delay Shirt
  • freeCandy – 25 Candy
  • enjoyCoins – Free Coins
  • enjoyResetslot1 – Reset slot 1
  • enjoyResetslot2 – Reset slot 2
  • enjoyResetslot3 – Reset slot 3
  • Likes1kresetslot1 – Reset slot 1
  • Likes1kresetslot2 – Reset slot 2
  • Likes1kresetslot3 – Reset slot 3
  • visits200k – 5,000 Coins

How to Redeem Codes in RH2 The Journey

How to Redeem Codes in RH2 The Journey

The following steps will teach you how to redeem them in-game in order to obtain rewards.

Step 1

Open up Roblox RH2 The Journey on your device.

Step 2

Once the game is fully loaded, click/tap on the Codes button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3

Now a redemption box will appear on your screen, type a code into the text box or you can also use the copy-paste command to put it in there.

Step 4

Finally, click/tap the Redeem button to receive the freebies associated with them.

Please redeem the developer’s codes as soon as possible they have an expiration date. Also, once the alphanumeric combinations reach their maximum redemptions, they will no longer be valid. Also, only once a code can be redeemed using a particular account.

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Final Verdict

We have compiled all the newest RH2 The Journey Codes 2023 that will definitely get you something for free. It is possible to redeem the freebies the way described above and use them while playing. That’s all for this one. If you have any thoughts or questions regarding the post, please feel free to post them in the comments.

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