What is Shampoo Challenge TikTok? How to Do it?

Another day another challenge. Today we are talking about the Shampoo challenge TikTok that is daring people to change their hair color with common household items. Find out what this challenge is and how can you make a video for TikTok based on this.

This trend has been in vogue for a while now. Especially, during the pandemic when the whole globe was facing a lockdown, the humans for the first time got more time for leisure than they could have imagined a year before.

As they say, the devil dwells in the idle brain, people found new activities to keep themselves busy while staying indoors 24/7. This was the time when new and novel challenges were introduced on the social media platforms like TikTok.

Here you as a participant have to perform an activity or action in a way that follows a set pattern. This way, when the other users search the hashtag, your video could come up on their screen. This way, we found new talents and faces who were actively participating in new trends.

What is Shampoo Challenge TikTok?

For the Shampoo Challenge TikTok, there is a specific shampoo, the purple shampoo as you might have heard the term already. It is s powerful shampoo-type that is used by the blonde-headed people to avoid orange tones appearing in their hairdos.

This time this shampoo is used in this particular challenge by the TikTok users to change the color of their hair to purple. As this shampoo has a potent purple pigment which when left on the hair for a prolonged period of time can change the hair color.

Yes, it changes the color to purple, it is weird, because, this product is meant to be for hair washing and not to get hues of blue. This is why it is also known as toning shampoo. It removes brassiness and keeps the undertones in the blond-headed people away from their heads.

So, the bad news is, it is only for the people who have blonde hair, if you don’t have it, you are out of the competition already, but still you can try. At the same time, if you are blonde and want to participate in the Shampoo Challenge TikTok this time, for you too, there is a surprise.

That is, don’t expect the shampoo to give your hair a proper purple color when applied to the head. Your hair might be cooler-toned blonde or platinum in appearance. As soon as the blonde community learned about this effect, they started the Shampoo Challenge on TikTok.

They are introducing creative methods to dye their hair with the purple hue using everyday items. Such as some are using highlighter pens to change their hair color. And of course, there are many more.

How to do Shampoo Challenge for TikTok

What began around two years ago in the times of lockdown is still a valid and active trend. Now that after reading about it you feel like being a part of it. Here we will tell you all the steps that are to be taken in order to create a video where you have purple hair.

  1. First go to a supermarket, or a pharmacy nearby, or check online for the purple shampoo, it is also called silver shampoo and is commonly available anywhere. Don’t worry its price won’t burn a hole in your pocket either.
  2. Once you have it in your hand, it is time to check the effects on your hair. For this apply a good quantity of shampoo to your hair and wait. The longer you wait and the blonder or fairer your hair, the stronger will be the effects.
  3. After you feel like you no longer hold the shampoo in your hair, it is time to wash. Wash thoroughly and you can see the changed hair color that is now purple.

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Shampoo Challenge TikTok is the talk of the town. Adults to teenagers, all are equally jumping the bandwagon to see how different they look with a purple hue in their hair. Try it out by following the steps given above and charm us with your new look.

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