Spider Filter: Why It is Very Viral, How To Use It?

In the era of social media nothing good remains hidden from the world. TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and many more provide a platform to express yourself using many tools, apps, app features, etc. Today, we are here with trendy Spider Filter.

If you are a TikTok user then you may have seen this filter used by many and the filter prank using it. It is trending on various social media platforms and you must have come across videos using this crazy filter.

TikTok is an immensely popular video-sharing platform all over the world and once anything gets viral on this platform it becomes unstoppable. This video-focused application has now touched the 3 billion download mark worldwide.

Spider Filter

There are a huge number of filters on TikTok like the G6, Anime, Sad Face Filter, Invisible, and many more. Some of these effects went trending all across the and people love using them. It looks like everyone is in love with this camera effect.

Filters add a unique and distinct look to the appearance of the user that’s why it gets so much attention all over the world. The good thing about this great picture effect is that it is not exclusive to TikTok, you will find it on Snapchat, Instagram, and several others.

This face looks changing feature first came into notice when a girl pranks her boyfriend. He slapped his own face thinking the spider was on his face. After that prank, the popularity of this filter skyrocketed and everybody started making videos using it.

Spider Filter on TikTok

What is Spider Filter?

This is a video effect that runs a spider all over your face. Many people have pranked their friends, girlfriend, and family members. A lot of videos are very hilarious as many got intimidated after seeing a spider on their face.

Many celebrities have used this effect by making unique expressions and posting them on various platforms. Under the hashtag “#spiderfilter” you can check many fun-filled videos on the apps like TikTok, Instagram, and others.

Many people also call it Spider Crawling on Face Filter and use this name as a hashtag to share it with a larger audience. If you are interested in pranking your friends and want to intimidate them just use this effect saying let’s have a selfie.

How to Get Spider Filter

How to Get Spider Filter

Here we are going to discuss the way to get this effect on your device and use it. As we already mentioned this effect is not exclusive to TikTok only. It is available on various other applications as well. To use it on TikTok just follow the listed steps.

Step 1

Firstly, launch the application on your device.

Step 2

Now you will see a Search Bar on the screen, enter this the effect name and proceed.

Step 3

Here many videos will appear on the screen. Select a video made using this particular effect.

Step 4

Now above the username of the creator, you will see an orange box click/tap on that.

Step 5

Lastly, press the Try this Effect option and record a video using this specific effect.

In this way, you can get this particular filter and use it to have fun. Note that you get caught off guard because the spider size is very big.

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Final Thoughts

Well, we have presented all the details related to the Spider Filter and the procedure to use it. That’s all for this post hope you get benefitted in many ways.

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