Theme 8 Class 2 Page 7 Answer Key

Here we are with the answer key for the theme 8 Class 2 Page 7 or for the overall 2 SD. As you might know, it talks about the ‘Safety Rules at Home’. So, we will discuss in detail this material that is necessary for the students.

This discussion is important for learning 1 sub-theme 1 of the Safety at Home and Traveling. It focuses on the study material on page 7 in particular. The material to be studied is taken from the Ministry of Education and Culture Thematic Book on Safety Rules at Home 2017 Revised Edition.

So let’s start our journey of learning. Just head to the section below.

Theme 8 Class 2 Page 7

Image of Theme 8 Class 2 Page 7

So as you study the material of this particular subject that revolves around the concept of Safety at home,  the practice questions before going for the test will help you with solving the actual paper. What we suggest for you, is that you should first try it yourself.

Now if you still feel some difficulty doing it yourself here we are to help you solve the questions. Now using our answer key you can learn this topic from 8th Grade. So here is all the discussion from page 7 that you need to do.

Now, kindly read again the text that is under the topic ‘Rules for Breakfast’.

Brothers and sisters, the following is a discussion of the 8th grade 2 SD theme material on page 7.

Please re-read the text “Rules for Breakfast” carefully! Every word “God” is always capitalized. Here you must pay attention to the capital letters as we have written them here for you. So pay specific attention to the capitalized words such as ‘God’ will be always capitalized.

Pray to God according to the teachings of your religion

After eating, pray to God according to the teachings of your religion.

Here you must remember that the first letters of God pronouns are also capitalized. Following are the examples.

  • The Most Merciful,
  • The Great One,
  • The Almighty,
  • The Most Gracious,

Answer Keys to Theme 8 Class 2 Page 7

Now that you know the basics. Let’s try to answer the questions on page 7.

Write Five sentences using the pronoun God below correctly!


  1. The Almighty God will grant us forgiveness.
  2. Pray to Almighty God to be Kept Away from all the harm.
  3. The Great One showers His Blessings on people.
  4. Almighty the Merciful will always protect His pious servants.
  5. The Most Merciful God will always love His beings.
  6. God Almighty will always give His grace.

So, these are some examples of the 8th Grade 2 SD theme answer key page 7 for you. We hope this will help you with all the work for now. So we wish you all the best in doing your work happily and the right way.

It is for general information that this answer key is a guide for the parents or home tutors to guide the children in their learning process. These are not the final and most correct answers, there could be changes following the rules and guidelines.

So, these answers given above are the right and correct examples that can be used to explain the lessons to the students at home. If you have any further queries and comments about these examples feel free to give your opinion in the comments section below.


Here we brought to you the Theme 8 Class 2 Page 7 answer key for your learning. This topic is related to the ‘Safety Rules at Home’ concepts learned in the Learning 1 Sub Theme 1 Safety at Home and Travel. Happy Studying for all!

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