TikTok Locked Up Trend Explained Insights, Usage, Fine Points

Another week another trend going viral on the video-sharing platform TikTok we are talking about the TikTok Locked Up Trend. You will get all the details about this famous trend in this post including how to take part in this viral challenge.

Several trends have enjoyed fame in the month of August and have accumulated millions of views such as Zombies in China, You Are Like Papa, Protein Bor, and numerous others. Some of these also became a talking point on social networks like Twitter.

As is the case for the Locked Up challenge as it is dominating the platform with millions of views. You will witness so much content posted on the platform related to this popular challenge. It seems people are enjoying the fun part of attempting the trend.

What is TikTok Locked Up Trend

If you are wondering what the locked Up trend is and what is all the fuss about then don’t worry we explain it to you and tell you how you can participate in it. It is basically a filter used by many content creators captioning they are being locked up by the police.

The filter puts you in the back seat of a police car and portrays a situation when a criminal has been arrested and moved to jail. The most interesting part is that people are also writing the reasons behind their arrest. They are not locked by the police in real but they caption stories that suggest if they are arrested what will be the crime behind it.

Screenshot of TikTok Locked Up Trend

Some of the captions are very funny and users are having blast doing this task. The content creators are actually uploading videos of themselves using the police car filter created by JPhant. A user published a video with the caption “Me if petting a stranger’s dog ever becomes illegal.”

Likewise, another user posted a video captioning it “Me if procrastinating becomes illegal,” to: ” There are a decent number of clips available on the platform under multiple hashtags with a huge number of views like #LockedUp.

The creators are also using their humoristic talent and adding laughable captions to the videos like a user wrote “When you get arrested for biting everyone’s ankles.” Many users are also using Akon’s song Locked Up in the video along with the filter.

How To Make Your Own “Locked Up” Video

How To Make Your Own “Locked Up” Video

If you are interested in taking part in this popular trend and trying the filter then follow the below instructions.

  • Firstly, open the TikTok App on your device
  • Think about a catchy caption you want to add to the TikTok
  • Now make a video accordingly adding that caption
  • Lastly post it on the TikTok

You can be funny, sarcastic, meaningful, or whatever you want and share it on your account.

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Final Thoughts

You get new challenges, trends, and controversial content all the time on this video-sharing platform.  TikTok Locked Up Trend is a simple to execute and funny trend that is getting positive responses on social media platforms.

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