Wajackoyah Snake Farming Plans for Kenya

The stronger the ability of a politician to fool people, the greater the chances of their success. This is why we hear them giving controversial and bizarre remarks. Wajackoyah snake farming remarks that were given in response to a question provide the same feeling.

Snake farming is one of the lucrative businesses for people. They earn from visitors, by selling the snakes as pets, or providing research and anti-venom production centers with the essential supplies. This way, they are not only sustainable but profitable farms.

In Kenya there are many functional snake farms as well as new ones are opening as the people see potential in starting a business in snake production and rearing at large scale. The ever-increasing demand for specimens in Europe, the United States, and many other regions of the world.

The Wajackoyah snake farming Remarks

Image of Wajackoyah Snake Farming

The former spy turned politician, who is a lawyer as well, has a long story of struggle and hard work. Born in the Wajackoyah tribe of Matunga Kenya, George Wajackoyah grew up in a split family. When the parents divorced, he began a trek to Uganda to meet his mother.

While on his journey he started working as a herd boy and one day met JJ Kamotho who was at that time the education minister who then aided George to complete his studies. Born in 1961, he completed St Peter’s Mumias Boys High School and graduated from Baltimore University with an LLM degree.

Later he also completed CCL/LLM from the School of Oriental and African Studies. He also holds an advanced diploma in French from the University of Burundi.

After becoming Roots Party’s presidential candidate Professor George Wajackoyah has become the talk of the town. Wajackoyah snake farming remark is making rounds. Where while appearing on national TV of Kenya on Wednesday 8 June 10, 2022, he answered a voter who was worried about the legalization of Marijuana in the country.

When the voter questioned about the effects of marijuana on the Youth of the country, saying that her son, a marijuana addict got his life ruined through the use of this drug.

The words of the voter were, “Bangi has destroyed my son’s life. He was a normal young man performing well in school but Marijuana has taken away his youth and now at 23, he does nothing with his life, a liability to himself and the whole family. It pains me deeply when people joke about weed,”

Wajackoyah responded to the question and declared it as an issue worse than poverty and alcoholism. His words were, “I sympathize with her just as I sympathize with those in Mathare Valley, other drug addicts in rehabilitation centers, just as I sympathize with those men who drink whiskey and cause accidents on the road. There is no exception, we should not say it’s only marijuana, the abuse of anything is serious.”

He further elaborated on the issue by saying, “The issue here is that we have a class war and we also need decolonization and I’m not talking only about that lady, everything needs to be regulated, everything has to be observed, standards have to be set. When you look at Jamaica which has legalized, it has the least number of mad people as compared to Kenya which has over three million,”

At this time, he also revealed his plans of using the snake and marijuana farming to help clear the national debt. He said snake farming is essential for the extraction of venom that is used for manufacturing anti-venoms for health facilities.

His words were, “We are introducing snake farming in the country so that we can extract snake poison for the purposes of medication. A lot of people are bitten by snakes in this country and you have to wait for doses from outside the country through pharmaceutical cooperation,”

The Wajackoyah snake farming statement stirred mixed views from the public. Some are declaring it a viable program, while others are calling it an exaggeration of expectations.

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Wajackoyah Snake Farming plan is viable or not, the time will tell, but it is pertinent to note that putting forward the indigenous ideas for economic development is the best plan forward. Tell us what you think about it in the comments section below.

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