Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes and Script: Latest and Working

A great simulation game is making waves in the online gaming sector nowadays. Due to this unprecedented surge in interest, we are here with the Weapon Fighting Simulator codes.

The WFS is a simulation game, where it is obvious from the name, you have to fight with your opponents and subdue them for glory. On your quest here, you can take help from a lot of options.

These options include magic spells, various lethal artifacts, and other methods. Your only purpose of combat here is to gain the title of the strongest martial artist of all time. Can you become one? To find that out, you will have to play the game.

Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes

Image of weapon fighting simulator script

We are here for you with the latest and working codes for your favorite game. If you want to boost your weapon collection to become all hailed master in the realm, it is time for you to get them into use.

This title is a collection of games that is created by Lightning Dragon Studio for the online enthusiasts of this genre. The gameplay is awesome and engaging to start with, the options here will engage you for days, non stop.

You are tasked to collect lethal and powerful weapons here that then you will have to send out to attack your opponents. If you succeed in destroying them, you will be prized with gaming money.

Now, this currency can be used to get a new consignment of these destructive weapons or you can simply chose to unlock new and unique worlds. Where you can look for the treasures in the form of rewards and riches.

While doing all this you will have to strive for the top position of the leaderboard in the gameplay. Which we must tell you, is not as easy as it seems. It requires, time, dedication and multiple attempts to say the least.

Nonetheless, to get all these riches and rewards one way is to keep yourself engaged in the arena and try your luck. If you are anxious and want them as soon as possible, there are shortcuts you can consider.

Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes 2022

So if you are looking for freebies in the gameplay here we are with the best available option for you. It is the WFS Codes you should be looking for if you want to have some extra power and save some time.

To make it easier, here we are with all the working and effective codes that you can use in 2022. If you have not implemented them before and are doing it for the first time, read the complete article and you will find out how to do that too.

These can be redeemed to get boost articles and perform other actions in the gameplay. These items can be found in the inventory and you can use them at your own convenience. Meanwhile, you can also check out FF Redeem Code today.

These will allow you to get the tools and items faster and help you to climb the ladder of master levels easily while saving you plenty of time. Moreover, do remember that these codes come with an expiry date, so implement them at the earliest.

Image of weapon fighting simulator codes 2022

Now you are here, let’s explore the list with update 1.1 weapon fighting simulator codes that we have written down for you. All these redeem codes, you can use now in 2022 for free and remember that they will last for 20 minutes after you press the key.

  1. WFS – for Free Boost
  2. Like1500 – for 1x Sprit Stone Boost
  3. Likes5k –free boosts
  4. Welcome –another code for 1x Spirit Stone Boost
  5. Happyday –this is for 1x Qi Boost
  6. Goodluck –this is redeem code for 1x Lucky Boost
  7. Weaponfighting –get 1x Damage boost with this code

How to Redeem the Codes

To redeem the codes you will have to follow the steps given below.

  1. How to launch the game?

    First, launch the Roblox WFS game.

  2. Setting options

    Tap/click on the Settings option in the left menu.

  3. Inserting code

    Type the code you want to implement

Here we would like to mention that if your code is not implemented, the most probable reason is a typo in the text. To avoid this, we recommend to directly copy then paste the text you want to use.

Weapon Fighting Simulator Script

Image of update 1.1 weapon fighting simulator codes

This script is a cheat that you can use for free and it has an auto farm. So if you want great improvements in the gameplay in a short period of time, it works wonders for you.

The script is like this:



How to implement Roblox WFS Script

You can put the script mentioned above to work with a few steps that are simple to follow and execute. To make it easier we have described each step below.

  1. Copy the Script gui from above, this includes all the text between the two inverted commas.
  2. Open the game interface on Roblox
  3. Launch your exploit, this could be both free as well as the paid ones.
  4. Inject/attach your Roblox exploit
  5. Now paste the copied script and implement it.


So here we shared with you all the Weapon Fighting Simulator codes that are working in 2022. As well as we have provided you with the script too. If you think we have missed something, do mention it in the comments below.

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