What Is 10 Legs 8 Broken On TikTok The Spider Poem That Has Gone Viral Bringing Tears To Eyes of Readers

The 10 Legs 8 Broken Poem about spiders is making people cry on TikTok as the poem has gone viral on the platform. It is about a wounded spider that is trying to survive through leg injuries. The lines of the poem are powerful and have made the readers emotional. Get to know what is 10 Legs 8 Broken on TikTok along with the background story of the poem that is bringing tears to TikTokers eyes.

The poem has become a trend on the video-sharing platform with many content creators reacting to the lines of the poem available in the form of slides. As always, there are some innovative minds out there who are making memes related to the lines as well.

Already, a huge number of videos have been created based on 10 Legs 8 Broken poem text that have generated millions of views & likes. Here is everything you should know about the latest trend on TikTok in which the users are using the lines of a poem to share their content.

What is 10 Legs 8 Broken on TikTok

The Ten Legs Eight Broken full poem can be found on the TikTok account Jacob and the Stone, managed by the user Emile Mosseri. They put the first slideshow on the internet on June 11, 2023, and lots of people watched it and liked it. More than 5 million people watched it and over 1 million people liked it.

The sad and powerful piece of writing tells the story of a spider and makes people think about how they used to get rid of spiders from their homes and personal spaces. It’s so good that people are now doubting if that was the right thing to do.


that poem has gotten the best of me. ive always been the person to bring bugs back outside but the times i didnt….that poem broke my heart

♬ Jacob and the Stone – Emile Mosseri

The Ten Legs Eight Broken Spider poem has made a big impact online. It has made a lot of people feel strong emotions on social media. Many people are now thinking differently about spiders because of it. One user captioned her video “DO NOT READ TEN LEGS EIGHT BROKEN. JUST SKIP IF IT GOES ON YOUR FYP”.

Screenshot of What Is 10 Legs 8 Broken On TikTok

Another user said “Saw a poem that said “I want only not to be punished for the crime of being small” and now I refuse to kill bugs.” A Twitter user shared a tweet that reads “saw a spider last night and was gonna kill it but I remembered that “10 legs 8 broken” poem from tik tok and ended up just letting roaming around my room because it’s not their fault they’re so small  ☹️”.

TikTok 10 Legs 8 Broken Full Poem Text

Here is the viral Ten Legs Eight Broken poem text that has captured the attention of people across social media platforms

To the spider,

the shadowed creature in the corner of the room

i hate you.

You scared me just as your brothers and sisters did before you,

and i will tell you what i told them,

You are a trespasser that does not belong here.

You entered without knocking.

Roamed freely like this is your home and decorated my walls with unwanted, silk webs without asking.

You may not be the only killer here, but only one of us is innocent,

and it’s not you.

The spider says to me, it’s brittle body squashed and dying,

It’s not you, either.

There is venom infused in my fang-shaped maws,

but i was born this way.

What’s your excuse?

If you could count your murders, how long would you be counting?

Am i really this threatening?

I thought human hearts were bigger that mine, but you have killed with malice instead of marrow of your bones and poison bubbling behind your scowl

And i’m sorry for scaring you,

but i didn’t know being seen would cost me my life.


If you didn’t fabricate the prickly feeling of my legs creeping upon your skin while I crawled across the living room floor,

If the webs I weaved were made of cotton candy and captured clementines, cherries, and sweet peas rather than struggling wings and blood;

If i had a pink tongue, push fur, a wagging tail, and fur legs instead of eight

If i had only two eyes, and they were glittering stars and not supermassive block holes;

If i was the same but looked different;

maybe you wouldn’t hate me.

Maybe you wouldn’t have loved me, either, and maybe you still wouldn’t have let me stay,

but maybe you would’ve shown me the door or a window.

Maybe you would’ve shown me mercy.

(But you are still standing, and I am still sorry).

I think


no matter how reluctant,

Mercy would’ve been enough.

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So, there should be no doubts about what is 10 Legs 8 Broken on TikTok and why it is getting a lot of attention on the platform. The latest trend based on this spider poem has bought tears to the eyes of people with powerful lines and made people change their views on spiders.  

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