What Is AI Korean Profile Picture On TikTok And How To Use The Filter Explained

In the last few years, the rise in popularity of Korean Dramas and celebrities has reached new heights. The stars are globally appreciated and the new trend of AI Korean Profile Picture TikTok is evidence of that as it seems everyone wants to become a Korean celebrity these days. Here get to know what is AI Korean Profile Picture on TikTok in detail and learn how to use it to be part of this viral trend.

The immense increase in the fame of the K-Pop music industry is also a factor in people using this AI filter with great interest because it can turn you into your favorite Korean singer. Using this filter has rapidly become a favorite in a short span of time.

People all over the world are really excited about the trend and are using the hashtag #koreanai. It has gotten more than 9.7 million views on TikTok. With the TikTok app, there is something new to follow every day but this trend is likely to stay for some time as the craze of using the face effect is getting broader.

What is AI Korean Profile Picture on TikTok

The TikTok AI Korean Profile Picture maker turns you into a Korean celebrity of your choice. Applying the filter has become a trend with everyone trying this using the Snow app. Snow app is a photo editing tool in which you will find hundreds of image effects to use.

The tool uses AI to change your face and make it look like a Korean person. The results are very smooth and different from manually editing your photos. With the AI filter, you can even look like Korean artists. The app suggests uploading pictures of the same person with clear facial features, taken from different backgrounds, angles, and expressions.

Screenshot of What Is AI Korean Profile Picture On TikTok

The results are pretty much loved by every user who has applied the filters available in this app. Hence, they are sharing the results on TikTok making short videos with catchy captions. Some people have also shared the results of using the Snow app on Twitter as well.

The TikTok trend of wanting to look like Korean artists has caused people to search for links to download the Snow AI Profile Picture app on iPhones and Android devices. The application is free to download but the big question is how to use it and the remaining post will guide you in using the app.

How to Generate Korean AI Profile Picture Using Snow App

The following instructions will help you in using the Korean AI profile filter and make a TikTok video using the effect.

  1. Start by downloading the Snow app on your device
  2. Once the app is good to go, Sign in with your mail account Gmail or any other account
  3. Then Go to Snow’s Instagram page (@snow_kr_official) and click/tap on the link mentioned in their bio. This will take you directly to the AI profile without any extra steps.
  4. Now Click/tap on ‘Create a new profile image’ to proceed further
  5. Then select the image you want to turn into Korean Profile. You can upload up to 20 pictures of your choice
  6. Then choose the payment method as the in-app features are not free. The feature of turning your profile into Korean will cost you $5.
  7. Once the payment is complete, click/tap on Create a Profile option and you will be given a variety of options to choose from that you want to turn into.
  8. Finally, select the one you want and wait for a few seconds, the profile picture will be generated
  9. Save the picture and share it on TikTok to become part of this viral TikTok Trend

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So, what is AI Korean Profile Picture on TikTok should not be an unknown thing because we have explained everything about this viral AI filter in this post. That’s all for this one, if you have any other questions regarding the filter do share them in the comments.

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