What is BORG TikTok Trend The Viral Drinking Game, Why It Is Considered Dangerous

BORG is the new obsession of TikTok users, especially college students with many of them hospitalized for drinking too much. It is a drinking game viral in many parts United States and is deemed to be dangerous to health by many experts. Learn what is BORG TikTok trend in detail and concerning outcomes it had on people who are attempting the drinking trend.

Many trends on TikTok will blow minds away as people do some stupid things to get viral and generate views on their videos. Recently, on this platform, we saw the reemergence of the Kool-Aid Man challenge with users attempting the challenge getting arrested for damaging other people’s properties.

Likewise, this trend also affected many students with reports suggesting a lot majority of the personnel had to be hospitalized due to serious health conditions. The latest drinking game is going viral with the hashtag #borg with more than 82 million views.

What is BORG TikTok Trend Explained

BORG stands for “blackout rage gallon” and consists of mixing half a gallon of water with half a gallon of alcohol, usually vodka, and electrolyte flavor enhancer. Originally, a user shared the recipe in February 2023, which received millions of views.

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Later, the Borg trend went viral as many users improvised the recipe and shared their own ratios for making the Borg at their parties. With its rapid spread, it has taken over college parties, with students playing the game with their favorite recipes.

GenZ probably picked up on the trend because it is a simple and easy way to get drunk with ingredients that are easy to find, and also taste good. As a result of the electrolyte enhancer in the borg, it is also said to keep you hydrated.

Borgs are large plastic jugs that people use to drink this mixture. These large jugs can lead to binge drinking, which can be dangerous. The BORG drink can be made by shaking up the ingredients after they have been poured into the gallon.

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A TikTok user @drinksbywild made a reaction video about the drinking trend with the caption “The best way to lessen your hangover or not have one is to limit your alcohol consumption, but these are college students [sic] were talking about here. Being properly hydrated is key for reducing the severity of a hangover and the BORG is a good idea to ensure you get enough water while you party.”

Another user Erin Monroe reacting to the trend in a TikTok video said “As a preventionist, I like the borg as a harm reduction strategy for a few reasons. First, you get to decide what goes in here, you get complete control over this, and that means even if you don’t want to put any liquor in, you don’t have to”.

Why BORG TikTok Trend is Dangerous

There are those who consider the Borg trend a healthy way of drinking, but there are others, including health experts, who think it is unhealthy. As a result of the trend, they consider binge drinking to be promoted.

Officials at UMass said this was the first time they’d observed borgs being used in a noticeable way. A review of this weekend’s developments will be conducted, as well as measures to improve alcohol education and intervention, as well as communication with students and their families.

Dr. Tucker Woods from Lenox Health Greenwich Village in an interview shared his views on this way of drinking and said “At first it sounds like a recipe for disaster, but I think it could be looked at as a safer alternative [to binge drinking]. The fact that they’re mixing it in a gallon jug will make it [the alcohol content] more diluted. It’s a safer alternative… because the person is taking control of the alcohol content.”

Sarah O’Brien, an addiction specialist, told Yahoo that: “I can’t find an upside to it. I don’t think mixing a gallon of liquor with a mixer is good for any communities, especially younger generations.” Dr. George F. Koob, the director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism at the National Institutes of Health says “As with any other vehicle for consuming alcohol, the risks will primarily depend on how much alcohol a person consumes and how quickly they consume it.”

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Now that we have explained what is BORG TikTok trend with the help of experts’ takes and users’ reactions you should be familiar with the drinking game. We would be glad to hear your thoughts on it as the post has come to a conclusion.

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