What Is The 5 To 9 Routine Trend On TikTok? How to Join The Trend?

It’s another TikTok trend grabbing that is in the limelight for various reasons and you may be wondering What Is The 5 To 9 Routine Trend on TikTok. After reading the whole post you will get all the answers related to this popular trend.

TikTok is well known for setting the trends on fire and getting attention from all over the world as it is one of the most used social platforms with billions of users. Each day there is a new trend grabbing the headlines and the users start following it by making their own content based on it.

Everyone knows what is 9 to 5 routine in the world as people go to workplaces or work from home to earn the required resources to live. But what do you do after work time to get yourselves relaxed and stay fit is the background behind this trend.

What Is The 5 To 9 Routine Trend on TikTok Explained

Spending quality time is becoming more difficult with people staying glued to their electronic devices these days using social media, playing games, etc. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way of living a bit those who use to travel are now working from home and people have started to spend more time on the internet world.

This trend actually has a positive message for the users and the public is buying the idea of making a quality 5 To 9 Routine. The hashtag #5t09 on TikTok has accumulated 13 million views with users sharing their routine activities after work hours.

It is all about self-care as it refers to shutting down all the electronic devices you use most of the time and concentrating on relaxing your mind and soul. You will witness many videos of users spending these hours in the best way possible to burn down all the stress.

Screenshot of What Is The 5 To 9 Routine Trend On TikTok

People are traveling, cooking their favorite food, running in the park, and relaxing in many ways as they could. Watching their favorite series, yoga, having fun with friends outside the homes, and much more ideas have been used by the people.

The TikTok content creator Matthew Campos shared his 5 to 9 routine and it got 61.9k likes on the platform. A lot of other creators have got an appreciation for sharing their routine as they appear to spend a lovely life staying fit and enjoying every moment.

How to Participate in 5 To 9 Routine Trend on TikTok

If you want to join this trend and share your 5 to 9 routine with your followers then just follow the below instructions.

  • First make a video of what you do in the free hours after office time.
  • You can record anything like going out with your friends, cooking a meal, having a walk in the park, etc.
  • Then post them on your TikTok account using the hashtag #Routine5to9 or #my5to9routine

We have seen a lot of bizarre trends go viral and get all the attention but this time a productive trend has grabbed all the headlines and people are responding positively as well.

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Final Verdict

TikTok is popular for setting all kinds of trends from controversies to tasks that contain a great message. We have explained What Is The 5 To 9 Routine Trend on TikTok and wish that you enjoy the read. That’s it for this one we say goodbye for now.

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