What Is The Air Mattress Ashley TikTok Trend, Meaning, Origin, Reactions

Many of you may be wondering what is the Air Mattress Ashley TikTok trend as it is going viral on the video-sharing platform these days. The trend is getting celebrated as a meme and mocked by users using hilarious reactions.

TikTok is arguably the most used social platform for video sharing and it has turned many trends into memes that got famous on various social networks. Similarly, Air Mattress Ashley meme has been generated out of a trend that is supposed to be a way of referring to the lover in a relationship.

Users of this platform seem to come up with new and exciting stuff every now and then. In the recent past, many love tests and quizzes got viral with everyone trying to be part of such as the Smile Dating Test, One Thing About Me, Innocence Test, etc. Now the Air Mattress Ashley has created a buzz among users.  

What is the Air Mattress Ashley TikTok Trend

This TikTok air mattress Ashley trend shows people’s reactions to an imaginary girl named Ashley, whom they believe will seduce their partners and sleep with them on an air mattress if they do not take care of them. Defining air mattress Ashley as ‘an out of control girl your man cheats on while you look like a king size luxury mattress’ is the definition provided by Urban Dictionary.

Screenshot of What is the Air Mattress Ashley TikTok Trend

There are two types of people who are following this trend, making it rather interesting to watch. Ashleys” tend to be overconfident about their seducing skills, while those on the other end are little bothered by the former because they have too much trust in their partners.

The hashtag #airmattressashley for the trend has already received 6.3 million views, and more videos are appearing every day. Increasing popularity has also made this trend a talking point on other social media platforms such as Twitter, where people are having fun discussing it.

This meme describes how women would react to these ‘steal your man’ women attempting to cheat on their partners. Alternatively, people thank the ‘Ashleys’ for showing their boyfriend or husband’s true colors. Despite the fact that the actress is completely fictional, various videos use her to model real cheating scenarios.

Air Mattress Ashley TikTok Trend Reactions & Origin

The TikTok Air Mattress Ashely origin is unknown, as no one seems to know how this fictional concept was created. However, some of the comments made on videos are hilarious and everyone has something to say about the meme.

A user with the handle @TDCMortality commented on the viral video saying “The only time I can tell a girl is flirting with me is when I’m with my girl because that’s when my girl is rolling her eyes and telling me haha”

Another one said, “My ex-fiancé wanted a happy ending Hannah…and Henry if we’re being honest.” Meanwhile, a few TikTokers have urged fellow users to not fight over men and worry about some Ashley as it normalizes the idea of cheating.

As well as passing at Ashley, some women told her to find her own love, not chase an already married man. “You’d better stop telling wives what to do with their husbands.” The trend has also been the subject of a number of jokes that have caught the attention of users and caused them to share.

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As we have discussed everything about the viral trend, we can certainly say the Air Mattress Ashley TikTok trend is no longer a mystery. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the trend, so feel free to use the comments section.

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