What is the Apple Juice Challenge on TikTok Explained – Know Everything About This Viral Trend

TikTok is known to be a platform where you will see all kinds of tasks and challenges attempted by users to become popular. Trends can be based on anything such as dance, eating something, drinking, comedy scenes, etc. Apple Juice TikTok trend is one from 2020 that has reemerged in recent weeks becoming one of the viral trends on the platform. Here you will learn what is the Apple Juice Challenge on TikTok and how to attempt it in order to be part of the trend.

The apple juice challenge has garnered more than 255 million views on TikTok, captivating numerous popular creators who have dared to take part in it. Many well-known content creators have been seen attempting the trend. Here is everything you should know about this famous TikTok trend.

What is the Apple Juice Challenge on TikTok

TikTok’s apple juice challenge is all about biting a plastic apple juice bottle to see what kind of sound it makes. The trend is popular in the United States as the Martinelli apple juice bottle is used for attempting this challenge. Users purchase a petite bottle of Martinelli’s apple juice, uniquely designed in the shape of an apple, and take a bite out of it without causing any damage.

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Participation in this challenge is limited to individuals located in the United States, as it revolves around a particular brand that is notably challenging to acquire in other parts of the world. The ones who are attempting the challenge in which they take a bite into the bottle to reveal that the apple-shaped bottle not only appears like an apple but also makes the same sound as biting into an actual apple.

Many people want to know does the TikTok apple juice really work and the answer is no because many of the videos give the impression that they have added a special sound effect resembling an apple and edited the footage to create the illusion that the bottle is actually producing that sound.

The trend gained immense popularity on social media platforms, with hashtags such as #Martinellis and #AppleJuiceChallenge dominating the platform. Some very famous TikTok celebrities from the US also tried the challenge and shared their views on it which made the trend more viral.


Martinelli’s Apple Juice. ITS REAL. WHAT IN THE WORLD?! @realalecmartin #martinellis #applejuice #bottle #crunch #tiktok #trend #MMMDrop

♬ original sound – Chelsey Caitlyn

Is the TikTok Martinelli’s Apple Juice Challenge Real or Fake?

The videos part of this trend are really fun to watch but the sounds in them seem to be edited to make it look like a person is actually biting an apple. According to one user, upon breaking down the bottle, they discovered that the sturdy plastic was composed of three layers of thinner plastic. As a result, when one bends or bites into the bottle, the three layers rub against each other and create a crunching noise.

Martinelli’s Apple Juice Challenge

There is a widespread eagerness to attempt the challenge and determine whether the plastic bottle indeed produces a crunching sound. Concurrently, individuals are realizing that Martinelli’s happens to be one of the most delicious apple juices available in the market.

If you are not from the US and want to attempt the challenge then you can buy Martinelli’s Apple Juice from various well know E-Commerce websites such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, Kroger, Costco, and Martinelli’s official website as well. The challenge started way back in 2020 during the pandemic days but the interest in attempting the challenge has increased in recent days.

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So, what is the apple juice challenge on TikTok should not be a question anymore as we have explained the latest viral trend and provided all the information about it. That’s it for this one you can share you views through comments as for now we sign off.

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