What Is The Chroming Challenge On TikTok App Explained As The Harmful Trend Kills A Young Girl

Chroming Challenge is one of the fresh TikTok trends to go viral on social media for numerous wrong reasons. It is deemed to be dangerous and has received a huge backlash on social platforms after a 9-year-old girl lost her life attempting the challenge. Learn what is the chroming challenge on TikTok app and why it is dangerous for health.

The video-sharing social platform TikTok is home to many weird and ridiculous trends which made users do stupid things. These kinds of challenges have cost lives and brutally injured those who tried to attempt them. The craze of being part of these challenges and making versions of their own makes people do silly things.

As is the case for the chroming trend which involves dangerous chemicals and deodorant huffing. Several toxic substances are also been used by the users. So, here is everything you should know about this TikTok challenge that already is the reason behind a young girl’s death.

What Is The Chroming Challenge On TikTok App Explained

The TikTok chroming challenge trend has generated major concerns as it is declared dangerous for health. It involves huffing deodorant and other toxic substances which could potentially lead to death. ‘Chroming’ is a casual word used in Australia to describe a dangerous activity. It means breathing in the fumes from harmful things like spray cans or paint containers.

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The harmful stuff you might breathe in during chroming includes things like paint, spray cans, markers that don’t wash off, nail polish remover, fluid for lighters, glue, certain cleaning liquids, hairspray, deodorant, laughing gas, or petrol.

The harmful chemicals that you might use for cleaning your house or car can have a strong effect on your body when you breathe them in. They make your brain slow down, like a relaxant or depressant. This can cause things like seeing things that aren’t there, feeling dizzy, losing control of your body, and more. Usually, people also feel really good or high when this happens.

People have been intentionally using chroming as a way to take drugs for a long time both in Australia and around the world. Recently, news of a young girl dying because of chroming gained a lot of attention. Many TikTok videos explaining the dangers of chroming started spreading widely.

It’s not clear if TikTok users have been encouraging each other to try chroming as a challenge or trend. The video-sharing app seems to have removed or limited the content related to it. It is a great step to limit the content based on this so that it doesn’t reach the users who don’t know its deadly effects.

Australian School Girl Dies After Trying the TikTok Chroming Challenge  

Various news platforms in Australia have reported the story of a girl dying because she tried to do the viral chroming challenge. According to reports, her name was Ersa Haynes and she was on 13 years old. She got a cardiac arrest and according to her doctors, she was on life support for 8 days.

Australian School Girl Dies After Trying the TikTok Chroming Challenge

She used a deodorant can to try the challenge which damaged her brain to the point that the doctors couldn’t do anything. She became a victim of the dangerous chroming trend which made the Victorian Education Department is working harder to give kids more information about chroming and the serious dangers it can cause. They want to make sure children understand the harmful effects of chroming and stay safe.

Her parents also join the mission of spreading awareness about this deadly trend. Talking to media outlets after Ersa’s death her father said “We want to help other children not fall into the silly trap of doing this silly thing. It’s unquestionable that this will be our crusade.” He continued by adding “No matter how much you lead a horse to water, anyone can drag them away. It’s not something she would have done on her own”.

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We have explained what is the chroming challenge on TikTok app and discussed its side effects. Several victims of this trend have suffered badly including Ersa Haynes who died after remaining 8 days on life support. The chemicals used in this trend can damage your brain and give you various heart problems that can lead to heart attacks.  

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